Shanghai Longfeng new skills ranking optimization


also started doing, for a large space, go to the N forum, blog, the chain and so on, after a few months has been done, the site keywords ranking or has been hovering outside the top fifty or sixty, there are many words even before 100 are not in love with the sea, weight is always 0. Insist on three or four months, do not see hope, he looked again love Shanghai search rules, found a little love Shanghai search rules inside repeatedly mentioned is the customer experience, then an idea flashed.


first statement, I am not what master, I’m just a rookie website optimization technology, Shanghai dragon I this experience is not what kind of just a little experience in a step by step learning in practice.

is the site of space should be stable, not can not access the situation.

when I see this, I will clear my site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction: increasing the search depth and the length of time, have access to search hits. The specific mode of operation is:

2, some tasks registered website, click release search task, spend a few dollars you can add dozens of search hits.

, the 3 is to increase the chain, the chain;


1, add some Shanghai Longfeng optimize mutual group, with others through each click to add a keyword click access rate, depth, length of visit.

from the start site began, I also buy online or download a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial, most of the content is not much difference, is nothing more than the following:


is the key in the site distribution share;

customer experience, it is not to look at the customer preferences on your web site? How to reflect the customer preferences for your degree? Of course is the residence time often use your website and in your website. The reaction in the search engine, is when a customer search for a keyword, click to enter your site’s ratio is higher than in others sites, stay the access time than others to visit the site for a long time, the depth of the deeper than others, these are the love of spiders in Shanghai to monitor the. If someone searches for a keyword to your site visit rate, depth and access time are better than in other sites, there’s no reason to love Shanghai this site in the back row, and the search shows that nobody in a click, or click go out in front of the site. Because if the site click rate, access the depth and length of visit long enough that website, this website is the visitors through the search keyword search to find the website, the website is useful for your visitors, and such website, love Shanghai must put it in front of, or love Shanghai will not manifest.

1 is its own website, reasonable structure, rich in content, often update;

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