Talk about the noble baby effects on the domestic search engine

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after the above text and graphic analysis, the basic can get out of a conclusion, that is out of the China noble treasure although the market, however, the search engine market impact on the domestic, or very large, from the search data reference and PR, reflected is more obvious. So, the webmaster do optimization and promotion, don’t just do a search engine, while ignoring the noble baby, or from the perspective of users and content, comprehensive optimization, in order to have better development. (personal opinion, for reference, this paper is composed of (贵族宝贝gai001贵族宝贝)

(Figure three Sogou search change map)


is only if the changes of nobility baby itself, is not enough to explain the problem, it is interesting that the noble baby change at the same time, 2 other search engines also have changed! (see chart and love Shanghai search Sogou search change map)

There is a special case of

(Figure two love Shanghai search change map)

soso search changes) noble baby search change)

search search)

that several of the big search engine, is the Tencent’s search, or even as always, no special changes, indicating that the search engine has its own unique, and there is no reference to other search engines or data. (see figure

(a noble baby search change map)

(Fig. four variation of

a few days ago, website traffic from the 1000IP day suddenly increased to 5000IP, but a few days are relatively stable, we are also more confused, after much research, finally found a reason: noble baby increased trust! Why noble baby increased trust? Because from the noble baby to flow from the search every 20 or so, directly to more than 300, a plurality of main keywords are no rankings from directly promoted to the first 2 pages, many long tail words are in the first row, which shows the noble baby on the website of the trust has been greatly promoted, and the traffic way reflected. (see figure



see the March 5th figures? Even the same day there are 3 search engines at the same time to improve the flow, is this a coincidence? Personal feeling is not absolute, but also have reference to each other that the search engine, between them, I prefer to believe that the domestic search engine will be as a reference for the noble baby, baby, noble relatively speaking, is still relatively objective and scientific.

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