The Google code hosting service cannot respond to guess the domestic search engine dispute intensifi

code hosting service cannot respond to a

;Before calling jquery1.7.2) After the

1. the domestic part of the site is to use this way to introduce remote, jQuery call the local site is not affected, and the use of remote away by Google code library website influenced by many pages problems;

the future search engine competition for

domestic search engine love Shanghai alone big, many domestic websites using the Google code hosting service, the open source service saves the server traffic for many domestic websites, reducing the bandwidth pressure. According to the New York Times Chinese network reported that from the beginning of May 27th, Google (a baby) in China almost all services in an unusable state, in addition to the search engine blocked, Google mail, calendar (Gmail) (Calendar), translation (Translate), map (Maps), analysis (Analytics) and the nobility baby AdSense and other products are also affected. JQuery cited nobility baby (jQuery 1.2.6 to address the external file jquery1.7.2), is also affected by the incident, there could not open the page.

jQuery cited nobility baby (jQuery 1.2.6 to address the external file specific level:

data as cloud computing, networking industry of IT a disruptive technology revolution. Cloud computing for data storage, access to assets to provide venues and channels, and the data is the real value of assets. Now the Internet competition has changed from the traditional users for steering data resources for Shanghai, 360 by love carry domestic search engine battle is fierce.

until now, www.贵族宝贝.hk is unable to access the domain name or nobility baby, can only use the wall or change the host file agent. This phenomenon is not.

3. noble baby code website in order to save server traffic, reduce the server bandwidth pressure, just met has always been known in the Google stable and fast China market in Waterloo, so many sites of impact.

2. noble baby code using CDN technology node server in many places, loading jQuery absolutely not loaded in the server than you slow, except for the local server, and therefore a lot of sites for speed directly call the noble baby code, thus affected by deep

Many websites

"贵族宝贝ajax. noble baby apis贵族宝贝/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js" has been unable to respond.




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