The first step is to do a good job in the station optimization search box


5, search content should be the same as the love of Shanghai and other search engines, that is to say, when customers use the keyword search function, he entered through the search after find out make a special mark, "

rarely mentioned search in search of this topic, I am saying, I want to know about the love of Shanghai from 6.22 to 7.22 of the update this morning, so in the Admin5 site in the search box enter the love Shanghai 6.22, Shanghai 6.28, Shanghai 7.21 love love this a few words, did not think after some input the value of information appeared

2, the search box style should be simple, general search box is a type of frame plus search words, this is the most simple search, we can take a look at the Admin5 and Chinaz search box style


3, the search box search content must be comprehensive, to improve the user experience is also a big help, imagine your site search function is not perfect, not very good show the content of the site, then when the user input "* * *" keyword but can not find the content they need, so that the user be disappointed, and leave your site, so I think the choice of the search box when must pay attention to comprehensive content, it should start from the website code.

Admin5 site search function more perfect, so we need to pay attention to what point in the search box to add your own site? Here I stand on the user’s point of view of what the search box can be qualified in the search box.

we can see from the figure of the two search box are similar, are very simple search box, but very practical.

4, search for ways to diversify, I just found it in the A5 search is the main way of intelligent search and fuzzy search and Chinaz search title, there are many ways, this is when we enter a search box should pay attention to the key words will find it with the station, pictures, news, features, interviews in in Chinaz search, which can be more accurate for customer service, first let users find the content they need, this is a local search box should be paid attention to.


We can see from the

1, the search box bar to open the A5 page eye-catching, everyone can see, at least I do not charge Chuifei force will be found and the search box to search the first point, then this is what we need to learn the search box which places should be eye-catching, don’t let the user can not find you stand inside the search box, then there may be customers the first time to leave your site.

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