Several grades of Shanghai Longfeng Er subdivision

network marketing specialist, many enterprises are now in the network popularization personnel, in fact, these people are also outside the chain, just than that outside the Shanghai dragon Khan smatters, know a great relationship now do more keywords ranking, know where to do outside the chain, know what to do outside the chain also, know the global forum, know the next step of its development goal is what Shanghai Longfeng specialist, not long tangled in this kind of work, these people are generally in the study, the accumulation of the chain resources in the company, a long time will quit, usually do outside the chain of 6 months.

above is my humble opinion, if wrong please forgive me, this is my present.

Commissioner, such people tend to have a successful case, will have their own blog or website, but also the success of keywords optimization is not difficult to know the ranking = station optimization + stood outside the optimization, also know a great relationship ranking within the anchor chain, that day will be more new content + chain I believe that one day will be successful, this population is in the development stage, but it is possible at this stage for a long period of time, they are sometimes confused, sometimes the boss do not understand them, they’re not confident enough, you can go far in the Shanghai dragon road.

am in Hangzhou in Shanghai Longfeng for more than a year, heard of Shanghai dragon Master "only", the person I admire most is the mentor, also heard of "Wang Tong", but his reputation is not very good, because so many Shanghai dragon Er Master, also the achievements of the Shanghai dragon training institutions so much. Such as Shanghai why, moon Shanghai, a dragon dragon, and now Sina Shanghai dragon training institutions, Shanghai Longfeng threshold was low, and now many system training institutions, the final breakdown of the several grades of Shanghai dragon er.

Shanghai dragon

the crowd outside the Shanghai dragon Khan, is said to be a cheap labor force is the network, post signatures, many of which do not understand why, why every day to these posts, why every day to write articles, do not know what hair text with keywords, do not know why a keyword connected to the URL, not those who know the chain is effective, which is invalid, not to mention what popularity, popularity, correlation, but every day the number of posts arranged above down.

Shanghai dragon master, such people may have their own products or projects, a lot of people is the executive level, some people may be doing illegal profiteering SIFU words, Shanghai Longfeng advisory services but has not received a single cheap, all in all, this group of people has been very low-key.

Shanghai dragon master, this person is like said Cardiff, Wang Tong and others, have their own views on each of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology is different, just don’t point out each other. They have their own training institutions, then I do not hold in praise of others, the network has a great reputation it can be said, do network promotion, never heard of them.

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