The influence of Ruru site development six fatal factors

, the web site layoutThis

three, website Links

this kind of problem is applicable to all sites, now worry about the grassroots webmaster website profit model, in fact, the profit model mainly three categories, first, information portal, examination of published articles, to delete negative money. Second, the industry ranked keywords station, to make money. Third, rely on advertising to make money selling or selling station PR. I am here to say online advertising is to sell advertising, click the. This is the common mode B2B CPA mode. I want to say here is that if you have tens of thousands of IP sites every day, then you can do, if your site every day hundreds of IP or less, don’t do that, it can greatly affect the user’s browsing experience, the main difference between the station and the station is large, can put advertisements impose on consumers however, consumers have no Naik, this is a tough given relationship, but small, consumers can choose not to see you, because of your message, elsewhere there, why not you in here, so I suggest you the grassroots webmaster, in the development process of the website, the website of the future of millions don’t damage to that a little bit of interest, the courage to give up your web page all the burger banner.

I have been saying the Links website is not much, but in essence, in view of some products website, I found a lot of websites to a number of Links, while ignoring the quality, what is his own website on the Links, just change the keyword name, I asked them why, the answer is not good for. I give you a suggestion here.

long ago like to write an article, has recently been engaged in network marketing, the accumulation of their own resources, so this site to be put down, but still give a lot of friends looked at the site, some of the problems of comprehensive website, today we talk about RuRu to several factors influence website development, some perspective from the point of view of the network marketing, there are some tips for Shanghai dragon, I hope we can bring help

two, website advertising cooperation

is mainly aimed at some information portal station is the station. Many of my friends told me that the website PR, but it is difficult to pull the relationship, is not because of the keyword ranking problem? Here I want to give you an idea, actually do information station or gateway station, keywords is not very important, this kind of website article is search engine included the number is very important, included more natural, someone came to see you stand, but as for cooperation, will see your site layout. There is such a word in the network marketing pattern, determine the height, you must ensure that your site does have the authority, give a person a look like a small, if your site is called the Chinese XX information network, but you get the DEDECMS template directly into the others, a look that is small, so you how can you talk about cooperation? So, the website to do authoritative and highly.

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