The line for three years to talk about their understanding for some Shanghai Dragon

See a authors said this situation mainly caused by two reasons for the two days before the

A5 recently read an article, Shanghai is the largest dragon cabbage price problem we feel that this I deeply feel the same. To tell the truth now Shanghai Longfeng practitioners want to earn profit, only two channels, one is to do site optimization scheme of high price, a month can earn about 1W or more, but this is only limited to the industry and master for several corporate clients the number second is now generally take profit mode – run, a keyword even 500 not to fast, but such pricing is deep in small and medium enterprises of all ages, but Shanghai Longfeng practitioners own it and some hard.

, the first is the surge in employment, more and more newcomers to join us in this area, more people to share the cake, the less, second is now the industry competition is fierce, love Shanghai and often go mad, do we have to use the black hat Optimization Website, and sooner or later have to be K, not daring to make a success of early morning to really make money. This friend analysis is reasonable, now Shanghai dragon industry actually has many problems in the black hat behind the bustling, flooding, rampant plagiarism, orders the price of cabbage and so on, more and more owners are "optimization" tired, but in these 3 years, I also feel some words to say to you.

when more and more web site optimization personnel exclamation this is not good, you stay up late every day when ranking site optimization, but often suck, we will think of all these is our own sin? When more and more people to do the black hat rush into danger, we should think of these people apart from in addition to opportunistic people, more are forced, they don’t know how to do site optimization is the best way, do not know what kind of chain is suitable for their own, sometimes we cheat their industry chain, industry confusion let novice webmaster simply no longer believe anyone, began his adventure, so all kinds of garbage sites that the Shanghai love emerge in an endless stream, 6.28 big shake, which will has nothing to do with us? We are not really in The loyalty, timely sharing optimization experience, their skills or not exposed, behind closed doors, and I think all of us are very clear mind.

for website optimization understanding more and more paranoid, users will not be ranked tied down by

now the webmaster can find industry personnel constantly do optimization, ranking, ranking is subject to a great extent flicker. We think that the ranking is up, the flow will go up, flow up, profits will follow. But such a relationship exists? There are many examples of this, to spend more than 1000 dollars to do a few main keywords, but in the end the flow up, but there is no increase in earnings. I believe this awful example there is a >

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in addition to optimizing the website, but also understand their obligation to share

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