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keyword ranking and weights can be said to be linked to each other, they are dependent on each other, a site high weight, casual words are contained in this article will have good rankings, this is true, what.

review: for Shanghai dragon and the definition of experience and skills, I believe that as long as a person as a webmaster, every day in the learning and understanding! As the title shows, what is the weight? What is the keyword search engine, analysis of how to use the chain to your site rankings and improve the weight of some? To say these veterans will also take out ostentation, this is not you play a big knife before Guanggong? Take these children things out, who do not know the definition of keywords and weights. Also you 58 blog here nagging, if good, really do not know what is the key? What is the weight, can go to love Shanghai. Love, or check out the Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know that soon solve your doubts! I speak today and that the professional definition is not the same, is to more easily, More easy to let everyone know the weight and keywords, and the chain can increase the weight and ranking principle, to write this article is because last night I published an article called "Shanghai dragon do optimization, ranking and weight which is more important to think" as we described Strike while the iron is hot. what is the weight? What is the keyword ranking the search engine is? And how to give you the chain weight, we use

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weight, defined professional here can not explain, weight is like you just a new company, just go to the time, the company boss and leadership personnel for you is not very understanding, your ability to work is still in the observation period is also called the trial period (a bit like the sandbox of love Shanghai) during this period, you need to do things carefully, if all aspects of your ability and through a period of time after winning the leadership of the company or boss, the boss think you this is a nice person, his heart will have a bar that silently to your life and work on a specific points. 10 points or 9 points, do not know, if you are good in all aspects, no matter what you do, the boss will consider your priority, then the weight in the boss’s mind is very high you are here in the old! In Shanghai like search engine, our website is just like the new employee, why do some sites will be weight unstable, fluctuated, the boss of your ability is not completely trust and affirmation, because you do several things, occasionally one thing and do worse, so the weight fluctuated! So the weight is not anxious to, need for you as well as days and months multiplying, the boss, the so-called Time tries all. ah, long time always think you are good, so we will pay attention to you, the site needs to insist for a long time, Shanghai will give you a definite love!

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