Why the new love Shanghai included in the page and deleted after second days

has been the past few days to let love Shanghai fast inside pages included in the site included, so often go to the webmaster tools to check the site. To date, Zhao Liankui has updated blog content for half a month, the website page is not included, the site’s home page snapshot is maintained on the first day of the time included home page. Around 11 pm yesterday, to site a website, found a site inside pages included, the mood is very exciting. I did not expect that, within second days and included page to delete. I have to understand the reasons, the network is not the same, I will give you all the love of Shanghai railway station, sorting out the reasons included in the page after second days and delete, for everyone to learn.

5. server is not stable. I used some foreign servers, although the price is cheap, but the server problems occur frequently, the site is often not open. The solution is to change a good point of the server, like Beijing, Tencent and other network servers are good, now these platforms often engage in some promotions, the price is not too expensive. The hand is tight, can buy virtual host, then buy server.

In fact, like Zhao Liankui

blog www.zhaoliankui贵族宝贝, page Collection >

4. love Shanghai is already normal included, but also not put out. We need to love the Shanghai Webmaster Platform look at the index of the website, if the site index is increasing, that do not use long pages will certainly put out.

1. love Shanghai has a the new study period, usually 1-6 months. If this time website or replace the title, it is possible to drop right, the study period was extended new. Site in the study period, the website homepage can be included, but the inside pages may not be included or included, then delete the phenomenon. This is why so many novice webmaster said his website for two or three months, but has not been included within the pages of the reason.

3. new low weight. The new station has just been established, but because the chain is too small, the content is too small, so the pages were included after. In fact, this can be resolved, recommend according to the previous article, the new method to speed up the inside pages included what are the methods of operation, can greatly shorten the time of the inside pages included. People think the chain is very important, early must be appropriate to do some site outside the chain, through the soft, increase the effect of the chain method best.

2. release of the quality is not high. Many novice webmaster have experience, the article is through the acquisition or pseudo original, resulting in articles and articles of repeated database love Shanghai. The website will be considered spam sites, the quality is not high, included will be deleted. I give you said, now is the original era, especially new sites must do in order to speed up the website content. Read the original article, the advent of the era of love, Shanghai Webmaster Platform opened the original protection.

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