What Shanghai dragon Er is not a very awkward occupation

whether the chain commissioner or website editor, or called soft Wen writers, the industry is the lack of thinking people in the division may be more careful. For example, now in the industry have little to do with the keyword analysis team, but in fact many of the choice of keywords is unwise, or is very casual, to choose a keyword most probably it did not actually happen. Not considering user search habits and conversion problems, I feel in Shanghai Longfeng process, the choice of words is the most difficult decision step, because everything is hard in the beginning, the word chosen after work meaningful. Although there are many people in Shanghai do Longfeng, employees are in the fierce increase, but the real professional talents of Shanghai dragon is not much, the majority of practitioners is still in the primary stage, facing the bottleneck of their own, they chose the more. The author also belongs to one of them, to seek a breakthrough is the best way to make yourself more professional, so as not to be washed out by the industry, is also a vigilant awareness.

: survival of the fittest in the future of this industry need more professional

: market demand of small and medium-sized enterprises are gradually abandon Shanghai dragon

Er refers to the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng work, before many practitioners use the name of Shanghai dragon love, seem more western style, as a joke, before the author is also so, more than two years in this industry veteran, gradually feel the bottleneck of this occupation face. The old topic today I will not talk again, whether Shanghai Longfeng Er is not an awkward occupation? Shanghai Longfeng practitioners not a writer, but requires the ability to write well, but not a programmer, but best to master some basic knowledge of programming. In the industry in this occupation is more awkward, many people mistakenly believe that this occupation is equivalent to the post, did not appear to have what technical content, sometimes we go to the optimization of a simple keyword, or even what can do the first page ranking naturally. It also makes many friends misunderstand the meaning of Shanghai Amateur Dragon, and the true meaning of Shanghai dragon Er occupation, facing the industry environment changes, the meaning of this occupation will change?

in recent years by the mysterious Shanghai Dragon technology, has become many people are able to understand things, in the eyes of small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai Longfeng effect are also unsatisfactory, with the electricity supplier for SMEs to accelerate the pace of network marketing has been a trend which cannot be halted. Many small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon has lost confidence, the reason, one is the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding, on the other hand is overvalued in Shanghai Longfeng expectations, as the saying goes, the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. Along with the small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce Shanghai Longfeng needs, coupled with the number of practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng increased, naturally there are a lot of Shanghai, people can not find work, industry competition will become more intense. When the enterprise is in need of more integration of network marketing, not just what Shanghai dragon, after all can really give enterprises to create real value and profit will win the pro.

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