Title writing four page proposal shopping website

want to know keyword to do, and the site name, your page title will be determined almost, with some help to the user experience of the text, such as professional, authentic like, reasonable layout can be.

in addition to the number of key words many people doubt, there is a problem we are very concerned about, is the site should be put in the front of the title or right is better? The author give advice on the front, although the key words on the front is more conducive to the keywords ranking, but the name of the website for the website in front of more publicity, title will be more attractive. The site name is placed in the front and a good title, is when your site keywords decline, such as fallen from first to second place, because your site name is in front of the title, have given users the impression, so even if you are in the second place, the user will be because of the more familiar and click on your website, but the station is not the first one.

said here shopping four pages respectively refer to: home page, channel, brand page and product page, the four page is the site of the torso, but also the focus of this kind of website optimization. Keywords the four page different page location is not the same, so their title writing, we should all have different considerations.

see the number on the front page headline writing most of the discussion topic is the layout of keywords in the network, the author also talk about this problem, for different types of sites, in fact the number of keywords layout is not the same. For example, the type of enterprise website, the company’s main products are the main categories of not very much, even some single product, so you can use the home page to do these keywords, the title also can the layout of these keywords; while the shopping website, I do not recommend on the front page of the title which do too many keywords a stack, because the general shopping site will have many categories of products, if the home to do so many categories of keywords, will lead to weight too scattered, more laborious optimization. Moreover, the shopping site has a very main page – channel page, this page is used to do the most appropriate classification of words. So the number of shopping website keywords page, I suggest not too much, can do the core words in some industries, such as clothing, you can use the home to do clothing, apparel, clothing brand etc..

channel page can also be called classification page, is used to place the same goods page, as already mentioned, the channel page is used to do the most appropriate word classification > page

is the second channel page:

said the first home page:

, of course, no matter what is the title of the page, it is to consider three points: 1, 2, what keywords; keywords how effective combination; 3, the user experience, based on the three point title, the author gives advice on writing the four page:

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