And the letter Analysis on the countermeasure to reduce the weight of the website home page

optimization in Shanghai now love there is a problem in this site has been search, target keyword home page ranking is relatively stable, but also has been pre coursing pages within the website weights has been greatly improved, the inside pages from falling in love with the flow of the great growth of kelp, but the recent emergence of abnormal fluctuations home page ranking, directly fell to the last second pages, very tangled, tangled to tangle, facing the loss of this phenomenon and the weight from the following aspects:

for the construction of the chain, the problem becomes more obvious. This is the first from the Google webmaster tools found on the website, because before a lot of the inside pages of the website home page has more than PR. But this has not caused enough attention to me, but to the weight of these high value the article page keyword anchor text added in many related content on the construction of new articles, and the letter before and worry about if each article pages return home page link to search engine drop right, so home page anchor text links the reduction as a result, the inside pages of the construction appears to confuse. This is the recent website page should improve the weights of the reasons in Shanghai and other search engines. In this process, there are a number of phenomena is the anchor text too much, there are 5 anchor some articles on the content, and there is no home page anchor, and he too far.

the construction of the chain, the site has been optimized and the letter personally, so not what the garbage chain in more than a year, so the quantity and quality of the chain has been relatively stable. This is the result of autosuggestion, but do optimization and letter are now paying more attention to the data analysis is the conclusion. Then through statistical analysis of the data query tool, found that the site now home link there are three problems, one is the website of the Links two snapshots and included no data update, a site can not be opened. The number second is the site of the chain is stable, but the chain is basically direct domain address, lack of web page keyword text anchor link, allow yourself to think again this forum a lot of effective outside chain signature on yourself is a web site, rather than anchor text. No increase in the number of third is the website chain. We know that for the construction of the chain is negative, we have always stressed that for the construction of the chain is the slope coefficient of growth.

content quality. Because of the financial network is mainly issued investment information, so every day there is an original content update, the rest of the article can also maintain the quality and freshness, and update the contents of the article can be stable at 2-5, the release time is relatively fixed. Combined with the site IIS log spider, the search engine spiders "feeding" is the comparative law. It had nothing to do with it? The last letter and found that this is not the case: this site every day and Shinkin comments are original, but the gold on every day will contribute to the large financial website column on the release, the cup happened: Although Shanghai is also a wonderful love now, but even if the article published for a long time on the site after the article.

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