For the love of Shanghai employees broke Shanghai love the latest adjustment view

love Shanghai according to the pseudo original tool principle made false original article detection technology, false original article will be removed.

3, too, for Shanghai, the original concept of love is not only what we imagine the original so simple, and is related to the weight of the website, such as a pure original article you are a high weight website copy than you go, when two articles are included, if the other party does not give you the original link, love Shanghai would think the other is the original love, Shanghai has been in solving such a problem, that is how to better recognition of the original, so far has not been able to achieve this skill is very good.

1, Links

1, the first point should be no problem, love Shanghai has been emphasized in the chain of purchase behavior will be punished, but also has been in this area for improvement.

2, second points for Shanghai love their products, love Shanghai really want to achieve this function is actually very easy, but I recall, this let the webmaster too much to handle, and in 360 on the occasion of World War II love Shanghai which is in the "force hero mountain". At this point I expressed considerable doubt.

love Shanghai related products will be released without weight transfer, including love, love, know Shanghai Shanghai library love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai love Shanghai space and experience etc..

broke the news:

love Shanghai for those who sell links derived weight will be 0, the hidden Links is 0, those in the self-help chain Links purchase platform for sale website will be punished and the government high weight website links are no weight transfer everywhere effect. To buy links to cancel the weights obtained from the light chain and heavy into the sandbox for observation.

3, the

love Shanghai recently is more and more frequent, the adjustment according to the latest love Shanghai staff broke the news caused a wave, many owners said that Shanghai Longfeng prospects, I first summarize the main content under the

4, the chain

5, love Shanghai give high weight

I also do not believe that

2, love Shanghai related products chain

4, the forum outside the chain that I absolutely believe, before I wrote an article: "talk about the forum signature chain for Shanghai dragon effect has said" love Shanghai "

The chain for long-term original websiteThe

above is my 5 point for the latest adjustment of love Shanghai internal staff broke the news summary. At first glance these points are a bit too perfect love, if Shanghai can really achieve the points of investigation, that is an almost perfect system, then we analysis:

fell in love with the sea says can identify some universal forum reply, copy and paste the reply, the reply will be no weight transfer effect.


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