n order to discuss the future vision of Shanghai to optimize the sex

then love Shanghai updated several times over, before the waste of money as a youth fantasy K stand down right collapsed, tears. What is the fundamental reason for love? From the Shanghai perspective, because you and I love Shanghai drilled loopholes in the rules, methods of cheating and similar cheating can not obtain the corresponding rankings, so I optimize my ranking mechanism, you punished, is as unalterable principles. Starting from the owners perspective, under the circumstances, you love Shanghai is ranked according to the calculation of the chain, this is your rules, and then do you love Shanghai rankings are based on rules to do, this is what you open the back door, leaving your own shortcut, stationmaster itself is not should your own rules is not perfect and responsible person. We all agree you perfect your rules, and guide people to adapt to the new rules for you, not because of your new rules to put everyone off the dust. Just like a country before allowing polygamy, webmaster A married his 10 wife, later changed into law, monogamy, and then you forced off 9 A webmaster Hugh wife


second, the website is in need of many love Shanghai determined to link nature, not the existence of a large number of love Shanghai determined to refuse external links.

currently exist on the Internet site, the vast majority of the site homogeneity, highly consistent type, content, target population. The search engine as the main entrance flow, competition has become a main direction. What is the most important in the search engine rankings?. What is the influence ranking before the industry? To answer this question to a high degree of unity: content is king, the chain for the emperor.

of course, perfect the love of the Shanghai rules, the starting point is to purify network environment, to provide search experience. The first is worthy of recognition. Then, let’s see, according to the latest love Shanghai since that is the purification of the network environment rules, a loved Shanghai recognized high quality website is what:

first, this website needs to be original, the content on the network with low repetition rate.

from 628 last year to this year, several big update Scindapsus pomegranate algorithm, whether serious or in operation optimization, a large number of sites are affected by varying degrees of combat, the first time to discuss today, why love Shanghai updates will involve so many webmaster.

Tens of thousands of

so we all like a swarm of bees crazy collection content, then meet the search engines do the so-called original, pseudo original, it triggered the so-called pseudo original tools from generated content did not consider reading from the user experience. Then we are in the youth to waste energy on the chain. By doing meaningless replies forwarded, in the webmaster forum every day, keep a blog updated and then try to do link to the site, leave a link during each big website, paid a high weight chain, buy soft chain……

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