How to face the love Shanghai punishment mechanism

2, search the site title name, if there is not your first station could be right down.

3, search for some specific to their site information, if not at the top of your site, a

is down right


love of Shanghai is the largest Chinese search engine service providers, we the webmaster are attached on the top of the search engine. As early as the search engine emerged when the Shanghai dragon in this industry, the search engine for some of its practices do not meet Shanghai Longfeng standard operation made the punishment mechanism, punishment mechanism that love Shanghai what is the


5, website log love Shanghai spiders don’t come, there is change in

?The punishment mechanism spiders crawl frequency

so love Shanghai is also integral system? The answer is very obviously, out of 100 points, your website as long as there is a violation will deduct your points. Every kind of technique caused by search engine friendly, got the score is not the same. Some sites have a fraction of detained light. Some stations may be slowly detained to the passing scores below. Some owners love banner edge ball, may not be a problem with your site in a short time, but a long time, your site will be removed from the database of Shanghai love inside, you are also thousands of grievances, no complaints.


method above can help Adsense testing your website is love Shanghai drop right.

then the search engine how to judge your site is the main points or points? What is the punishment after the website? We need to know is if the website is not included is love Shanghai ZhengZhan deleted, because what practices lead? Here can be defined as four points: the ROBOTS file set to prohibit the love of Shanghai spiders, the server is not stable, serious fraud, illegal information or content will result in ZhengZhan delete.

keywords ranking suddenly disappearedLong time love Shanghai The


1, the flexible use of site: if site is a blank of the words that you love Shanghai station is completely removed, then don’t needle. To do a site.

how to test their website is love Shanghai punished this is a problem. We all know to do this is not easy. Web site keywords ranking drop, flow will slowly disappear, because in the end the new update algorithm to love Shanghai or our site is down right? This situation is difficult to distinguish. Here small simple to introduce some methods to detect whether your site is down right.

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