Classification of Web site right down and Countermeasures

the slight drop right main performance: the snapshot will stop after 10 days, the original article page does not update the snapshot. (most of the time is the problem I love Shanghai); included slow, sometimes many days to send original collection. Little effect of tiny drop right about the site, new sites if one is not careful may show this situation, so subtle right down without a care, only needs to do our usual work for

what kind of website is a serious drop right? Usually, search the domain name of the website, the first three pages can’t find search website; website name can not find, the worst is the direct search domain are wood, for example, " Shanghai Longfeng " the first three pages can’t find search; once included in the page title, no ranking; website home page and page is full of K, these kinds of situation, to clarify the website was serious drop right, love Shanghai in general, this situation needs a long time to restore the site weight, if is new sites, recommended to replace or re start the domain name

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said above, many of my friends have encountered, I believe some factors after looking back that a web site is down right now, we do stand is the most critical, so that it can help to restore the weight! These are some of the outside of the chain to add the thoughts, hope to everyone assist. The original starting A5, if reproduced, urge and link from 贵族宝贝taofuqi贵族宝贝, as a webmaster, thank you


was once again. The classification of the site today Fu and right down measures, I talked about love in the analysis of Shanghai recent website drop right phenomenon in the text, then the Domain results reflect the level of the site down the right, at a certain level, the level of which eventually drop right? > 1,


2, middle right down

site is down right is the webmaster has been reluctant to see things, but each search engine adjustment, will make a lot of friends in the right down dilemma. My hand on a few sites some time ago also suffer different levels right down, but

serious drop right !3, a slight drop right

this situation mainly in the following aspects: direct search website, search results in the first; search the site title, on the first page, but the front pages of other sites. (other website home page is not included in the search); to complete the page title, no ranking; included in the site ceased, and included before being cut down to and from time to time, only the home page. The middle level of the right down, to the keyword ranking will be affected, but usually the common long tail keywords is not affected, the demand of original content updated from time to time and increase the high quality links, ordinary 10 – 60 days can restore

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