High weight engine is a process of accumulation


2, be careful to do Links; find the old station, regular station to do friendship

3, clever increase high weight website link on your website; Shanghai, Shanghai love know love experience, Gao Quanzhong forum signature etc..


4, clever let netizens spontaneously to give you the chain; this need your site has high quality, useful to the user of the article can, if there is a good article, users will be unable to restrain the emotions copy to your own blog, micro-blog. To automatically add links to your site when they copy. This produces a stable chain.

The second key contents of Now

1, seriously to raise good blog; persevere a blog, send the chain, Bowen quality to pass.

CMS is perfect, with the remaining CMS site after the completion of the promotion is to enrich the content, do! And do content, it is simply Shanghai dragon, is also a process of accumulating! Is not desirable to do content acquisition, not a sustained development of the road. Since the acquisition, can only be done by hand, hand done slowly, you do a few months the content may be in the sea of the Internet is also a drop in the bucket. Therefore, we must continue to improve the long-term, to enrich. Slowly you will find your site better

, I want to add that you can copy others on the site, but the copy of the content must have their own unique things, like the title of the special, special summary etc..

everyone now generally reflect more and more difficult to do stand, do stand at the early stage of the most popular or on the search engine. Arising from the owners of Shanghai Dragon Technology sustained high enthusiasm. But many webmaster found that, even with some mature Shanghai Dragon technology to do a website, your website in a very long period of time the weight is not high. The engine continues to suck, so many webmaster confused… So in the end how to get the engine high weight?? below I write a personal experience.

third: the long-term accumulation of membership.

above all need long-term accumulation, long-term down effect is very good!

now we do website content to do, do the promotion, but not a big problem, is to maintain your website registered as a member of the user! If do bear breaking corn, breaking a fall one, what you do pre >

: the first long-term, serious to the accumulation of the content of the web site.

Shanghai Longfeng technology is to increase the external links. Now many online articles on how to fast increase the chain, I personally feel that these methods can only be regarded as heresy, cannot go when the mainstream method to do! The chain should be a long-term process of accumulation, I feel the need to do the following methods: reliable

second: follow the prescribed order, rational foundation to increase the chain.

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