After the website search engine how to regain favor

three: the stability of the

after the revision of the website content must be vacant, it requires patience every day to regularly update the website content, the revision of the weight is reduced, so it is best to put their own original work, which is beneficial to the spider to know your website, content to be similar to the best aspects of the revised website content match, in order to achieve the effect to be made. Can not find the original but also the appropriate pseudo original, just copy and paste is not possible to regain the favor of search engine. Update step by step to have the law, must not be a lot of updates or several days to update.

Faced with

two: the site outside the chain

website update, sure to let search engines have a chance to know you, this is the most effective way of the chain to sell their new look for the best. Of course, the quality of the chain or to the pursuit of high quality, a high quality of the chain is worth ten of spam links. Here the author will first write soft adding outside chain, for example, A5 is an excellent soft release platform, through A5 issued by a soft, will soon have a lot of websites reproduced, virtually help you increase the chain in various forms, is very conducive to enhance the weight of the website. There is Links, as far as possible to find some revision and their related links to content to do, it can also speed up the search engine for your new understanding and weight evaluation.


website can be said to be from the railway station to start, so make sure your server stable enough, if your server is not stable, and the revised weight was low, so even if you do so outside the chain of high quality how good content, people are reluctant to come is a spider. Such a truth, so after the revision should pay special attention to the stability of the server.

website may be a problem with some owners have to face, although the website for the website included the weight will have a great impact, but also to seek better development after the revision of the. As a novice webmaster to like to do a novel station, the space is not enough, and do not want to pay big bucks to buy a server, then only the website revision, is the result of love Shanghai included large number, long time not updated snapshot, many webmaster then anxious, in fact as long as you do the following can re search engine.

four: better mentality

: update

here talked about the mentality of the problem, I have a deep impression, after the website you may snapshot a week to ten days, or even a month will not be updated every time you love Shanghai, check their Shanghai Longfeng found love Shanghai included only one page, or before the front page of the site, this time a lot of webmaster might be discouraged, think their transformation is a failure. In fact, this is not the case, the search engine to know you also need some.


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