Do not fight no battle unprepared do the preparatory work before the Shanghai Dragon


plan with respect to the scheme is much simpler, why to plan? Shanghai Longfeng work is not casual, planning is very important, for example, you update many articles a day, how much the chain, how long a data flow analysis, which can not be ignored. The plan does not require, Shanghai dragon can be ER in accordance with the provisions of the site itself and in their own time, do it properly and logically arranged.

did not understand a lot of Shanghai dragon people will say: Shanghai dragon is a pure manual work can be done without preparation. This view is a misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon obviously, Shanghai dragon and other work, are in need of technology, need to prepare. According to my observation, in fact, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon often received a list after the beginning of the update, the crazy hair of the chain, the little work had not done, the effect is very little as can be imagined.

: the first scheme and plan

Shanghai dragon is not a qualified can depend on manual work, Shanghai dragon like fighting a battle, need to be well prepared to battle to win the final victory. According to the author’s experience, Shanghai Longfeng preparatory work can be divided into: the development of Shanghai dragon project and plan, collect the chain resources, to find the source of the three big jobs, each job is very important, the following detailed analysis by the author one by one for all these preparations.

see here, there may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to the author Tucao: outside the chain of resources, I more is, why collect? Now love Shanghai foreign chain management has become.


a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think the development of Shanghai dragon scheme is senior consultant to Shanghai dragon do things, their rookie level can not make a complete scheme of Shanghai dragon. The author here asked the inferiority of Shanghai dragon er a problem: This program is to see who? Obviously, for myself, that is afraid of nothing shameful? Making Shanghai Longfeng scheme can let Shanghai Longfeng overall have a clear plan, can let the work become more effective. How to make a reasonable plan? Is not difficult, not to see the plan threshold so high, as long as you read the book can make a good plan. We can be divided into two aspects: first, the first analysis of its website, from the analysis of internal and external, according to the code of writing, the content of the original level, included the proportion, server space speed and other factors to find the problems and put forward the improving methods; second, analysis of the competitors in the same industry website, we know the web site the advantages and disadvantages, and refer to the direction of the construction content and the chain rivals. Finally, the two aspects together, and use their own language to express is a complete program, you still feel difficult to

second: collect the chain resources

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