Entrepreneurship in Guangzhou 15 companies with raw materialsHan Zhiyong entrepreneurship is a long

the following text for Han Zhiyong’s speech excerpts, without my review:

venture capital Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu hardware of the land of abundance of Shanghai, a city of Hangzhou, the Internet third…… "New shoots NewSeed" project "city unicorn" series, take you all over China’s best pioneering city of those unicorns or walk on the road unicorn. Look, in the cold winter, those who still live in the same type of start-up companies, rely on what?.

I’ve been graduating for 16 years and I’m really happy to see so many young, glowing faces. I would like to introduce my company where I am now. Percentage point technology may not be understood by most people. What we mainly do is big data. We help enterprises and organizations make big data applications and landing.

buta technology founder Ke Yuanda believes that Guangzhou is characteristic of entrepreneurial companies, affected by the city of traditional business thinking, so profit model and business direction are targeting money from the recent and fast place, cause more entrepreneurial companies and gaming business. Moreover, as a result of focusing on low profile money making, the ability to do brand and marketing is very lacking. Compared with Shenzhen, Guangzhou’s technological innovation is both inadequate and not enough.

lead2015, China’s venture capital industry has experienced a sudden transition from the hot winter to the winter. The hustle and bustle of Zhongguancun entrepreneurial street, from the "vote, vote, vote" to "winter", driving carefully". O2O P2P fried rotten, no sound, VC are cautious, rub heat entrepreneurs puzzled. However, as long as it is good seed, it will eventually germinate, blossom, and result. The cold of winter, the superiority of the start-up companies, still holding huge financing, playfully forward.

my personal experience is about two periods after graduation. The first section is the occupation managers from after graduation went to Lenovo, Lenovo and almost all companies have done in Lenovo from front-end sales, research and development, to the back-end supply chain what, basically have done, so stay a little more jobs. After seven years, I left Lenovo in 2005 and started working. After five years, I failed in business and then added a percentage point.

actually, my business started earlier

May 28, 2014, sponsored by IDG capital, the co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will be held at University of Science & Technology China at the twelfth station. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks.

percentage points, shared 7 years of experience in Lenovo and an entrepreneurial career at the university. As for the failure of entrepreneurship, Han Zhiyong’s lessons are: young people are passionate, but not sustainable. Starting a business is a long-distance race. What we need is a constant passion. Moreover, entrepreneurs need basic self preservation, especially in the process of entrepreneurship. In addition, he mentioned the importance of teamwork and execution.


most of the flowers, delicious Cantonese, high streets and back lanes congee soup…… When Spring Festival comes, here will be held once a year lunar new year fair, formerly known as the new year’s Eve about the flower market, began in the Ming dynasty. In ten, the The Strip, sea waves of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. When you look at it, you can’t even start your business with the city, because you don’t see a spark of fireworks. But you have to admit, it’s a very commercial city.

billion boat: let drones abandon remote control

today, we’re talking about entrepreneurship, and I think today’s alumni are alumni, and I’m talking about dry goods. I don’t think there are many stories of success. I want to say something about my tumble.

you may have bought something on the Internet, the electricity supplier websites have a read this commodity or bought the goods users also bought what column recommended on the page, which is out of the goods are calculated by the algorithm points of the system, we are a company behind. So that the average consumer may not know.

but if so you think known as "Guangdong most probably it did not actually happen children intelligent hardware city" of Shenzhen, will be in business this matter rolling Guangzhou, that you hear the sound, only the face. The heat here is far from what I expected. In addition to vip, YY and other NASDAQ listed companies, in the past year, there are a lot of Guangzhou Unicorn potential start-ups emerge, they have received a large amount of financing. And so on, safely through the winter, perhaps they are the next entrepreneurial model,

big data is now a very hot topic, whether it is IBM or Intel, also put forward a variety of big data solutions in the market. We started in the market last year, pushing big data of our own services, we help enterprises to build a big data platform, we have our own unique algorithm, and in the following we can build a wide variety of applications. Our most successful application now is our percent personalized recommendation engine. Our recommendation engine has now served almost more than 1000 Internet Co in china.

Han Zhiyong, vice president of operations at

today, we approached Guangzhou.


billion is a technology company focused on unmanned aerial vehicles, founded in April 2014. It released its first UAV product, Ghost, in May 2014. Ghost drones do not need any assembly or extra remote controls. They can be controlled with the smart phone APP, which lowers the user’s threshold. In December 2014 to obtain $10 million in A round of financing, billion aircraft successfully completed the production of Ghost. 201>

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