About the site’s relevance and refute the argument

, which is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er often hung in the mouth of the word, the hair of the chain to do correlation, the friends of the chain to choose keywords to correlation, correlation, micro-blog, blog have correlation. But what is the relationship between

for example you search the word of a gate, you will find at the bottom of the relevant search will look like this.

is a little knowledge of the people know that the gate and the gate is never mind, people can really say search gate is not to find the gate, and the gate will not want to buy this to a word search gate, there are some brand manufacturers and downstream products like cleaning machine. Here we can clearly find love Shanghai for the so-called relevance of search words in the search times accounted for the vast majority of proportion. So, what we have reason to believe that your advertorial or other optimization measures, the correlation is again high, as long as no one click, no one search, no reading, no one reproduced, your website can have.

say you love to eat instant noodles, eat a week away, two days to eat a very live, every day, every meal to eat instant noodles, don’t you think will eat vomit or malnutrition? In some industries, such as tourism, because too many things, day South to the north, at home and abroad, a few writers, a travel story can travel around the earth 365 times. The analogy is to have every day feast, but others have no opinion, but if you every day around a table, a chair, a machine, a piece of glass, a screw to write, can be said that the user experience will be very bad, people will not have the basic point of view.

so for me and what is the correlation? Remember and my friend Yu Lake discussed, love Shanghai has already made the most authoritative Association notes, that is at the bottom of the page search search. I believe that as long as a little common sense webmaster, optimization choice or the main keyword selection will include these related keywords at the bottom of the page. So these words are really not have relevance?.

? The correlation between But

but some smart people also have their own countermeasures, they chose their own industry upstream or downstream products as the main website to promote their own, for example, online customer service this thing, people do not write their own things how the guards, he wrote a note of website construction steps and related code. Micro-blog blog, or network marketing, maintenance and optimization of the views of Shanghai dragon. A very easy way out is also very consistent with the public taste, a focus on the flow and the operation cost of the novice webmaster or senior webmaster will be interested, and when interested in traffic, its downstream products, the correlation of online customer service will certainly be useless.

most people understand there are two, relatively low levels of understanding, I dug, then my profession is dug, I send the chain content must be dug, also have to find the coal chain, if all other numerous coal. In fact, this correlation was really high.

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