Awesome statistics the analysis of the relationship between statistical thought and Shanghai Dragon


the average number of Statistics

mentioned above is similar, but also have different places, for a web site, if the total number of pages for 1.5W, and the A column number for 3000, B for 3000 C the number of columns, column number is 9000, then the three proportion were 20%, 20% and 50%, and if the key content of our site is placed in the A and B columns, then obviously, we need to adjust the direction of the site as a whole, this is a mistake many websites make. The ratio of actually meaning similarity it emphasizes the mutual proportion between parts, as in the above example, the ratio between B and C for the 1:3 column column. From this ratio can be seen in the website focus.


year on year and the chain by

year on year and the chain you may hear is not many, compared to the same period refers to the period at the same time and history were compared to the development and progress of the reaction of things; for example, the website on-line in the first month the proportion of total station > spiders to crawl the page

statistical average is a concept we often use, everyone but how to apply it in Shanghai for having heard it many times, the Dragon optimization field, is very simple, such as external links, we love Shanghai before the three page website — do statistics, get the total external links, then the average value. A data so obtained is we do stand in the a standard, after all know them to be through; for instance website operation after a period of time, through the IIS log statistics website each column of the spider crawling number, the total residence time of fish. It was a mean, that is lower than the average section of the need to strengthen the strategy to improve.

The percentage of The application of The percentage and the ratio of

is the percentage of the proportion of the total number of a number of Long Fengzhong in Shanghai, for example, the website page number is 5W, but only SE spider crawling 1W, then you can calculate the total is to grab the page digital 10000/50000 * 100% = 20%, obviously, the website included in a very ideal position; general "must be included 70-80% is an average, though the large site is not too easy, but we must ensure that the amount included in order to ensure the flow and use of similar points; for example, website optimization included percentage to 20% before, and after the complete system of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, included quantity 60%, then improve 40% percentage points.

proportion and ratio by

for large sites, do Shanghai Longfeng relates to data statistics and analysis. This has two advantages, one is through the data to find the surface can not be found, two is through the data can correctly guide the direction of work. But for a lot of data, we do not know how to analyze or how to summarize, today I talk to you about me and about data analysis of several small summary, we hope to help.

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