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in the past 2013, the content of the website construction and the user experience is the webmaster of the most mentioned factors, love from Shanghai to Scindapsus algorithm pomegranate algorithm, from the origin to the original algorithm spark plan, content quality and user experience has been heavy, I believe 2014 love Shanghai this momentum will only be on the increase, so to meet the the content of the website user demand will certainly is fundamental to successful web site, but how can continue to meet the needs of users of content construction must also be a trend of the future, because no matter what kind of promotion, the content is always the fashion.

is mainly to describe the unique scarcity of pages on the Internet, does not mean that there is no repetition of the main content of duplicate pages, we should evaluate the existence and content of site gain gain, only to repeat page amounts of no gain, we should recognize the scarcity degree is low. The quality of the page is a reflection of the degree of satisfaction of the demand. To determine the page quality, should be gradually from the most basic demand. It is not death, the website should have a certain degree of stability, access speed to satisfactory, the main content is complete, the layout and font is readable, various types of advertising will not be too much, the browsing experience is poor. When lifting page quality will tend to increase the added value of the page, so that the effect of gain, make the page more scarce. So here will be scarce and the quality of the page used to say.

page content rank is good, traffic is very obvious. Because many you can envy, will need to use the contents of it, if the audience is very small, not what traffic, why so good by others make an unnecessary move? The content of long standing in the front of the first page will be able to meet a demand value: many.

, you smooth this is your advantage; others such as the layout is very bad, wrong words,"

The success of

page content value mainly by the audience, scarcity, page quality and timeliness of the decision, the audience, scarcity, page quality, timeliness of the page content is good content can meet the user’s needs, following on from the several aspects to explain why the success of content from others and get the page content good value.



2, scarcity and quality of

many people see some good content rivals have been in the front row, get traffic and transformed into a large number, always envy, envy their rankings and flow, even a lot of people would think of good content with opponents, they can’t use it, otherwise it will repeat. Why envy? Why not? Wood Shanghai dragon that need to use, but also to take advantage of this, in the front row are readily available search engines love, user satisfaction with the content, why not use it. Next I will talk about why people can be successful for content.

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