Analysis of the four aspects of website to uncover the true face of high weight website

      Web site weight, is actually a very difficult to define something, what kind of website can be said that it has a high weight, what kind of website is a website of the weight, of course, we can immediately determine the new station is a low weight website, though now the weight analysis tools, love stand the test weight, but according to my analysis on how much he included and the chain site is judged, some sites included and the chain is very large, for example, own a Taobao guest website, included up to 23500, there are more than 3000 backlinks, love the weight value of Shanghai reached 4, in fact, this is a new station, traffic is almost 50 IP or so, this judgment is too outrageous, I think the judgment website weight can from the following several aspects: a more accurate analysis of
>       ICO or

      keywords ranking is divided into popular keywords ranking and popular keyword ranking, just look at the keywords ranking can not determine how the site is a large, many websites, we found it the ranking is not what, this is because he keywords there are some popular keywords, even many websites do not write this keywords. This time we want to see is the website traffic, although we can’t see it but through traffic statistics, or tool can analyze a >

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