Can not ignore the website speed how to correctly use the optimization strategy

for the website optimization, website speed is not able to ignore, but need to improve the optimization strategy is correct, as far as possible to enhance the site open speed, so as to effectively enhance website user satisfaction. The first to open the site speed related factors were analyzed, and then put forward the corresponding optimization strategy.

third, the number of pictures too much. Now many webmaster in site, love often eat a lot of pictures, think it will look very beautiful, if it is a content page, add a picture, pictures will effectively enhance the implementation of the readability of the content, but if the size of the picture is too large, it will affect the site open speed. Of course, the site will be the picture stack arrangement, but also did not use the segmentation technique, only when all of the pictures to download the page after that can see the content of the page, seriously affect the user’s reading. This hand can be compressed through PS images, so that >

second, website code. Now many webmaster is using the website system of website, the benefit of this approach is to increase the speed of website construction greatly, but unfortunately some station system redundancy construction site code too much, if the bandwidth of the site is high, the impact is not big enough, but if the bandwidth is relatively narrow, it will have a certain impact on the site open speed. However, for many novice webmaster, want to let them modify the redundant code is very difficult, after all, this will involve a variety of language website. But also need to read the script. So for this optimization if you need some professionals to do, of course, if the cost is too high, you can choose a very high quality station program to the station, so it can help to reduce redundant code website.

first, DNS analysis. Many webmaster do not care DNS parsing problem, the importance of actually parsing is still relatively high, if your host configuration is again high, if DNS can not reflect the real-time, so when the user on your site, it will spend a lot of time to resolve, and affect the site open speed, and even some websites are not open. So in order to solve this problem, you need to select a DNS analytical ability of the host, actually only need to select the brand high degree of enterprises can.

want to improve the user experience of the website, the key is the user can quickly open the corresponding web site, only in this way can effectively improve the user satisfaction. But many webmaster for website open speed is not a high degree of concern, because in their mind, want to enhance the open web speed is actually very simple, only need to upgrade the corresponding access bandwidth can be achieved, but everyone knows, bandwidth is high, the cost will be more expensive, but if you do not pay attention to some optimization strategies then, in the same bandwidth background, if your site is not optimized very well, so they are not rivals, it will obviously affect the website price.

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