Entrepreneurs want to find technical partners to do these three pointsHow did he do it from Peter T

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I asked them, "why do you guys work together?"

"what is normal communication?"

"secondly, still looking for people with the same grade.". I met a newly graduated student and came up to introduce his project. It was "Taobao o2o" on the side of the road. He has never had a job experience. I have been working for more than ten years. It is very difficult for me to cooperate with each other. Because the two sides do not have the basis for common communication, he said I do not understand, I said he did not understand."

Joe is said to be the villain vein after Ridenour Foeman king of the Silicon Valley, the home is always Binkeyingmen, good weather almost every day party.

visits Joe family

two, respect: in fact, respect is equal in a sense, this equality is for each partner to be able to feel. Partners do not ask for absolute equality, but they need mutual respect in doing things.

, one of them said, "it’s important to sit down and communicate quietly.". "To be able to communicate properly, without such a foundation, what kind of people do not cooperate?"



"normal communication is smooth communication, both sides feel comfortable and willing to talk to each other."."

has been working with Joe’s team for more than four months, and I’ve headed the team to Silicon Valley.

in September 8, 2016, I served as director of the "Silicon Valley gangster" first episode broadcast, the accident has made great impact. However, when I just started my business a year ago, I had no idea that I would be involved with Silicon Valley, technology gold rush and venture capitalists. I thought I would have been an investigative journalist, a social observer, but the emergence of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur changed my direction and destiny, and made me hooked on technology and business. He’s Joe lonsdale.

Joe, assistant to

the cat that most of the technical staff of the IQ is high, but EQ is not high. Because of this, it is more necessary to initiate

how would you better find a technology partner,

on Friday afternoon, when I had to work with coffee, two friends came to one of the conference rooms and heated up about what was going on. When they came out of us, they inadvertently saw the poster of the group behind them, so they were surprised to say, "we met on the edge of the group, and now we are ready to start a partnership."."

"what kind of communication do you think is bad?" I asked.

Joe has three curious things at home: sculptures from the American ice and fire song, crystal ball, and chess

Robin, told me that the Joe meeting was going to be held for a while and that we could visit as guests. It’s a good idea to explore a person’s heart from a house he lives in.

can meet the edge faction users, of course not to miss. So ask them to sit down and talk, and since they have successfully found a partner, there must be a lot of experience to share.

these two are very representative, one engaged in technology for more than 10 years; one does not understand the technology, but has worked many times, toss about various projects, such as video, Tmall shop.

Joe and his wife live in a huge manor, from the gate to the villa, drive five minutes.

Palantir is a current valuation of $20 billion, known as the world’s largest data company, is also the big data company’s first Unicorn company. The company is very mysterious. They serve the CIA, the national security agency, and the FBI, which, in legend, is the main force that helps the US government seize Laden. How could Joe lonsedale, who is now 34 years old, start such a hard company at the age of 22? What kind of person is he? What is his story worth telling to Chinese entrepreneurs like me?

nickname that cat, to give three aspects of things:

through the foreign materials and friends of Silicon Valley, I quickly learned the truth: in 1982, Joe Joe was born in Silicon Valley, at the age of 21, graduated from the Stanford University Department of computer science, the 22 year old founder of big data company Palantir, and persuade called the godfather of Silicon Valley venture capital investment, joining Peter · steele. After its successful exit from the Palantir, Joe launched two high-tech companies and two investment institutions, one of which manages $500 billion in wealth. Joe in Silicon Valley, has huge wealth, first-class connections, as well as a happy family.

I met Joe Lonsdale at an event held in Zhongguancun. His speech was full of insights into trends and opportunities that attracted everyone. There is very little information about Joe on the Chinese Internet, so he is not as famous in China as his partner, Peter Till.

"first, don’t come up and talk about it.". I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs, coming up to talk about his project, and show me the business plan. This way of communication will give the other party a strong sense of pressure, the two sides have not yet established a basic understanding, and directly jump to specific things, this is difficult."

, a security: the reason of this part please refer to "why a lot of technology partners to participate in business will be the first to talk about money?", willing to give the corresponding security technology partner, this is a very crucial factor. So the founders who want to flicker into their own free work are sure to be unreliable.

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