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, the MR gay tolerant attitude, especially in China, this population is still very marginalized, most people did not dare to open their own identity, they conceal, depressed. It is to see ourselves the needs of people, the police came Geng Le founded the blue net. Blue net is a well-known gay website, and in 2012 launched a comrade social mobile application Blued, and successively in 2013, 2014 was an angel round and A round of financing. Recently, the reporter interviewed Geng Le, see how he is under pressure, blocking the discrimination, comrade website, App is doing is full of sound and colour.


what would parents do if they knew their son was a comrade? Look at the recent fire story collection. What did the man in New York say?

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"for many years, we have been tacitly understanding.". Then one day, the elder sister who knew that thing laughed at him and liked a boy in the same school. Then I heard him say, ‘well, maybe yes.’ So I said, ‘son, we’ve never talked about it before. Are you gay?’ he was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, but he bent over my lap and cried and cried. And that was the most beautiful moment of my life."

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cut the controversy from the public welfare

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blue as the gay community oriented website, due to various reasons, no less prosecutors are looking for stubble. But since 2012 by Li Keqiang met with Prime Minister Geng Le and the prime minister, after the photo was Geng Le in the hands of the "golden". Geng Le is also very good at using this influence to deal with some problems. Now find them trouble, say Comrade website is against social morality, to close the website of procuratorial organs is much less, operation more smoothly. What Geng Le did when he was a police officer was civilian. He was also familiar with the media and knew the taste of the media". Before the Beijing Olympics, Geng Le was interviewed by Xinhua. "This is mainly for foreigners. I want to show them how diverse and tolerant China is."". Blue constantly improve visibility, partly because of its controversial topic and the two is Geng Le; they told the media understanding and strong public relations ability.

to do public relations, but also a play by the carrier, blue wisely chose the "public good" the starting point. AIDS prevention is very important in this group because of the AIDS susceptible group for the comrades. Although the government and the public are becoming more and more open and tolerant towards gay groups, many comrades still have a lot of misgivings about the government’s organization of some tests and activities. Blue, because the community media attribute itself, and blue.


Blue Network founder Geng Le CHINA activities in DEMO


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