Shenzhou gifted car listed three new board Valuation 36 billion 900 million leading car financing wa

Youju chairman and CEO Lu Zhengyao said, "the mode of B2C to ensure the quality of service, must have very strong operational capabilities, unlike the C2C growth is a very fast growth pattern, but a very stable growth curve." According to Analysys think tank data show that in the fourth quarter of 2015, China’s special car, Didi travel and Uber, respectively, 68.3%, 62% and 57.2%, China’s car service active users average monthly retention rate of the top three.

Shenzhou gifted car listed three new board means that China gifted car has won a financing platform, after the listing of Shenzhou gifted car, the transfer mode for market making transfer, by the CICC, Soochow securities, GF certificate

China leading car financing war, the car from the burning war into the mode of competition, layout automotive industry chain, financing is the key

layout automotive industry chain, financing is the key

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travel in June 16th this year announced that the latest round of melting $7 billion 300 million, the company valued at $28 billion. Then, Uber also announced financing of $6 billion, the company valued at $62 billion 500 million. According to the listed data released by the Shenzhou gifted car, since 2015, the official operation, completed in the 4 round of financing before the listing, the current valuation of 36 billion 900 million yuan.

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data source: Analysys think tank


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, in fact, after the successful approval of the listing and the high valuation of the enterprise market, is China’s excellent car owners’ car business, explosive growth ability and business, profit model. Shenzhou car travel the bright younger generation mode of the B2C and foreign giants Uber, local giants drops the main C2C travel pattern is different, different from Uber, with drops of individual owners joined the network about the car platform, the vehicle from the Shenzhou car Shenzhou car rental, and the driver is a full-time driver through professional training in China after recruitment, the rise of Shenzhou car. Listing success means that the car from the burn war into the battle mode.

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Abstract: Recently, Shenzhou car operators and Shenzhou car 838006 to turn the system shares issued by the listed letter officially landed three new board, the new board became the first car in 2016, stock financing car industry continuous news. Car financing competition between the car industry will also be pushed to the cusp, the model will become the focus of contention.

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can be seen from the above data, the car service market average monthly active user retention rate to 68.3% in the first Chinese car market, car service is the guarantee, rely on the crazy burn subsidies is clearly not the only competitive weapon.

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