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then Taobao will continue to influence customers stay in the present stage? Has been hidden in the home under the taobao? Believe that Taobao, or Taobao off hand bought goods Amoy answers are different

if purely non-technical talent to do Internet start-ups, especially in the technical field of this piece, it can really become a trouble. Because you are no technical origin entrepreneurship, and others are with technology start-ups, playing games on the Internet platform, you can not play the technology.

, for example, sh419 founder Robin Li, is itself a IT male, returnees come back, engage in technology starts, you look at the people Chinese search, do now is not very good! 360 Zhou Hongyi, Lei Jun millet technology and so on, they are technical background.

has successfully taken Taobao customers to promote the hard time, have begun to have income, or has already earned pockets bulging with friends, the answer may be not the same as above, Taobao customers as long as work harder, perhaps will replace taobao home, into the new entrance into Taobao to buy goods.

has not yet succeeded Taobao customers think so: at present, the network world liar is too much, netizens vigilance is getting higher and higher, and want to be a successful Taobao guest, not everyone can. Taobao’s reputation has been great, the address is good, remember, easy to find, everyone likes to go directly to Taobao’s home page to purchase

The word

as a friend, everyone wants to buy cheap and affordable goods in Taobao, Taobao will enter every time for the same commodities to a relatively large, if taobao is a reality of the mall, I think.

a product before entering the market, you must go through many visits, user experience, analysis, evaluation and other comprehensive indicators. Project is not to say, you look good, it must comply with the laws of the market. The same thing, some people do well, some people can not sell. In fact, this is also a problem of resource allocation.

we analyze, in the network world, network fraud case I want to emerge in an endless stream, which is needless to say, everyone was afraid of swindlers, so in the face of a less familiar words, an unfamiliar crowd, the majority of Amoy friends may be more open to love has been in the Taobao bookmarks URL, heart is more practical, for Taobao customers, this is undoubtedly a very difficult, want to put the authentic Taobao home page to your Taobao or Taobao blog guest guest website instead of Amoy friends in a bookmark, it is very difficult.

Internet start-ups project background, in fact, are very complex, no one can easily carry the past. Prior to the operation of a project, preparatory work is essential. Such as resource allocation, technical hard indicators, market customers and so on.

sure, let’s take a look at Taobao’s weekly rankings. How many of them are in the first place? How did they do it?

Internet startup project, notes

analysis from Taobao customers

The background of the

so the blacksmith needs its own hardware. >

public business era, everyone said "Internet plus entrepreneurship", how many know the background of mature environment can be the hardships behind you and project. In a busy occasion, the author Xin Dongfang round write about Internet entrepreneurship project background, and the Internet venture support plan, and financing problem, is the Internet venture Internet business project risk analysis report.

sometimes, Amoy friends for this lack of knowledge is beneficial for Taobao customers, advertising is to see who? Of course not for people in or on the very well the people, advertising is for those who do not know this is advertising people, or know this is advertising but also to hit people, sometimes we must use this "loophole" Amoy, Amoy friends and win recognition, let more e-shop.if know the name of Taobao, so let Taobao customers become the new Taobao entrance is not possible.

analysis from Amoy friends

before the establishment of the project, the entrepreneur’s own essential entrepreneurial quality is the first step and the key link of the success of the enterprise. In the era of Internet start-ups, there is no technical support, the project is difficult to get up. Because, according to the current situation, many entrepreneurial chiefs, who themselves are senior engineers and other sources of technical personnel, often entrepreneurial, operational projects, the starting point is relatively large, relatively high. Customers and companies are more optimistic about, as the project products out, the chances of being paid is relatively large.

in view of the risk of Internet venture projects, the rational treatment of entrepreneurship, keep a clear head, to operate with their own advantages, and learn to combine resource advantages, is the most important part. Recently, a friend’s P2P project platform encountered funding bottlenecks, now in the project incubation period of danger, if not resist the past, will be faced with the risk of platform failures.

, Taobao customer at present, in the mass of Amoy friends, this is not a very familiar name, everyone is more familiar or taobao, talking about more or taobao, taobao into still used to open Taobao from the favorites page, or enter the search engine search taobao

Internet is like an engine, there are a variety of entrepreneurial projects on its platform, fewer people operate, Internet start-ups, more than a few hundred people operate. The starting point is always good, but impractical entrepreneurial projects may be in trouble when the funds have been burned.

some people will say, not all of the Amoy friends are so understand, or else will not appear so many cheated case.

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