Turn Blog into an e commerce platformTalk about Taobao guest website is how to bring extra income to

in fact, Taobao customers have a lot of room for development, as long as everyone is active

Taobao customers, I think we all know what to do, and now many webmaster are doing, including many veteran webmaster also doing Taobao customers. But I got a lot of extra income when I was making a Taobao site, and I’d like to talk to you about my extra income. I started from April last year, contact Taobao customers, and I just started in the BBS post, using blog publicity, do not know how to do the site. Later on, the popularity of blogs increased greatly and was banned by sina. So I felt that if I wanted to keep on doing it, I would have to be a website.

Rightcart not only allows you to have a more convenient tool to sell their stuff C2C, and you can also choose goods on Rightcart on their own blog to sell, so you can get a small income from the actual transaction, this does not leave the network station can carry out sales model, perhaps can be more effective and direct way to word-of-mouth marketing blog into actual income.

when Blog is becoming more and more popular, Blog also has not only their own writing and content publishing tools, but more and more with the personal portal or from the media means, so there have been blog sidebar company began to call your idea. I hope you placed them in widget blog the word Chinese how to translate it, such as vivid? on my blog and my vote for the watercress reading. On the other hand, a variety of micro content aggregation services, such as aggregation of product reviews, such as aggregation of classified ads, are emerging to accommodate the non centrality of blog.

in fact, contact Taobao, but before I opened the shop in Taobao, said it was opened for a long time shop, but there has been no business, let alone make money. But in my shop during the period, I learned a lot, a lot of knowledge about Taobao, Taobao now what heart dynamic, how to decorate the shop, how to do shop ranking, etc., I know very well. Combined with a SEO based I know now, for the optimization of a Taobao shop is very poor. So I found my brother and a friend, three people opened a studio, specializing in shop decoration, optimization, and promotion of business. Business is good.

but there were a lot of Taobao passenger source, just like I love 123 such procedures, so on the Internet to download a web site navigation source, their slightly changed, he made a taobao crown book stores navigation website. Www.51taoaa, this is my website, we can look at it, very garbage, I do not understand the optimization of what. After the website completes, I started to send the post propaganda in the forum everywhere, actually also did not have the big effect, the flow was quite many. Finally, listen to people say, website to know SEO, so I will study SEO, slowly also how much understand some, now this site a few key words ranking sh419 home first.

with this type of aggregation site, scattered non center content for the target readers have the opportunity to easily find through the reasonable way, which made it possible for one to the center of the C2C platform and Rightcart services provided by this website is now in fact created greater convenience via Mashable.

finally, we specialize in some Taobao communities, forums, and some sourcing sites to send posts, but not advertising stickers. Is about Taobao shop basic knowledge, and some about shop decoration, optimization of this aspect of the post. Finally, leave our contact details blank below the article. Really did not expect so many people to come to us, we wrote about soft Wen, inside the island link to our site, not only to the website ranking sit up, most of all, my Taobao guest website there are many Taobao sellers to find us advertising on our website, the first advertisement our price is very cheap, the most important is the Taobao guest website on the crowd, are some potential shoppers, which also offers a big advantage Taobao seller.

right now, the ads for my website are basically booked out. We’re thinking about how to increase our advertising. In a few months, advertising revenue is more than Taobao Commission, of course, my Taobao Commission is very small, ha ha.

when the channel more convenient for Rightcart to the center of the electronic commerce, when Rapleaf to bring you to the center of the credit evaluation system Rapleaf and Rightcart have started cooperation, as more and more tools, seems to be in the blog space of their own is not what can be done. Blog has become a center of its own, and will the traditional "centres" be weakened by the popularity of these centralized services?. To become centralized, users become more and more masters of their own data. What new business opportunities are hidden between them?

Rightcart allows users to insert a section of code in their own blog sidebar and add a shopping cart". And if your blog reader is interested in something you sell in blog, you can add it to the sidebar shopping cart. Even more cool is that the reader can complete the billing and payment tasks on the sidebar without leaving your blog. Rightcart makes your blog a real e-commerce platform. You can take a look at this video of Rightcart and learn more about their services Ps. remembers the online storage service launched by Amazon, S3? This video is saved in S3.

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