New three tier innovation layer officially announced the list of 920 companies shortlistedn additio

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new board three innovative layer officially announced the list of 920 companies shortlisted

two sound corporate governance, shareholders’ meeting, board of directors and board of supervisors system, foreign investment management system, external security management system, the related transaction management system, investor relations management system, profit distribution management system and commitment management system is complete; the company set up a company as a secretary of the board of directors and senior management personnel, the Secretary of the board of directors share transfer system to achieve the National Secretary of the board of directors qualification certificate.

two revenue has increased continuously over the past two years, with an average annual growth rate of not less than 50%; the average operating income of the last two years is not less than 40 million yuan; the share capital is no less than 20 million shares.


three recently, the average market value of the 60 market making transfer days was not less than 600 million yuan; at the end of the latest year, the shareholder’s equity was no less than 50 million yuan; the number of market making businesses was no less than 6; the qualified investors were no less than 50.

products that deliver the goods, began to have some reputation, you are not satisfied with the product only by fans of those earliest sell, you can be very much hope that the media attention, in this way, not only helps to quickly open the market, and may even be easier to get investors’ attention. For early-stage startups, you need to know that you think the media is tech journalists or KOL in one area. The two are very similar, but still different.

a recently completed 12 months after issuance of stock financing including for listing stocks, and financing the cumulative amount of not less than 10 million yuan; or the last 60 transferable on the actual turnover accounted for not less than 50% days.

according to the share transfer system of the announcement, the listed company has objection or voluntarily give up into the creative layer on the list should be in the list within 3 days after the transfer until June 22, 2016 17 [email protected] sent to the specified mailbox to affix the company seal of the objection application document >

the company entering the innovation layer according to the above regulations must also meet the following requirements:

in addition to the media, you can also find KOL. How do we define KOL? KOL is actually an opinion leader who has an impact on everyone in a certain field. Of course, this is also one of the media. These people may not have extensive influence, but they have absolute say within the range of topics they are good at. We speak from the media here, in particular, that has a large number of science and technology website column, and operates a public number of fans Internet writers. That’s also their advantage, because if KOL interviewed us, if the content of the interview was valuable, he could be in a number of Tech media

a last two years of continuous profitability, and the average annual net profit of not less than 20 million yuan after deducting non recurring gains and losses were calculated on the basis lower; the last two years, the average weighted average return on net assets of not less than 10% after deducting non recurring gains and losses were calculated on the basis lower.

May 27th, the National SME share transfer system released the "National SME share transfer system listed company hierarchical management approach Trial" announcement, announcement shows that since June 27, 2016, the national share transfer company official hierarchical management implementation of listed company. Since the "layered management approach" date of publication, not yet formally listed applications, listed company may in accordance with the "layered management approach," the application to enter the innovation layer.

news June 19th, the National SME share transfer system recently released into the initial list of innovation of enterprises, the new three layer innovation primary list of 920 companies, accounting for 12% of the number of all listed companies.

, and from the level of disclosure of standards, to meet one of the following conditions, listed company can enter the innovation layer:

we have already said, the current domestic Internet discourse mostly monopoly in science and technology media on hand, so, how to queue up for the application of science and technology media reporters? Indeed, there are many domestic technology media are providing entrepreneurs reporting services, but the process flow is often difficult, imagine, there are dozens of very hundreds of entrepreneurs like you every day, for an interview with the media reported in the science and technology website and email, and now the domestic technology media because the compression cost, often only a few people in the reporter team, and were often sent on trends, some industry heavyweights enterprise mail is 80% results as can be imagined, no echo this result, will undoubtedly make people disappointed, so early entrepreneurs have a choice of

key communicators, in addition to those standing on top of the mountain holding snowballs, there is a wave of power to spread the first wave of users, our products also need late KOL Key, Opinion, Leader, key opinion leaders attention. Imagine, when you are confident with a "change the world" and the idea of a bunch of hot blooded friends settled in a public record space or incubator, after countless night as Jobs garage business, occasionally see a few times after four a.m. in Zhongguancun, and you your team has finally put the product to do it, although it is all in the eyes of outsiders and even shortcomings, early users Tucao complain, but in your eyes, it is a new life, a hope to start.

, has experienced numerous updates and corrections, iteration, finally, the product looks like a point, the team is eager to put it on the market, you can not afford to spend advertising fees, investment haven’t come in, even the incubator rent is a few senators out of pocket together, but we firmly believe that as long as the launch of the product, must have the market.

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