Serial entrepreneur Zhu Weilian as long as you can survive less touch VCSFor shlf1314 ads say NO

Chinese history of the Internet, some people act as a new technology and new mode of leader role, such as Kingsoft Qiu Baijun on the domestic software, MA in electronic commerce, Ding Lei and Chen Tianqiao in the network game, these people can be classified as a clear class, but it is difficult to categorize Zhu Weilian.

I don’t do it! I won’t do anything for me to do the advertising marketing! Anyway to more dependable and practical at least I get to see is money! Not like this thing is always a group of visible without digital

is simply a power hegemony. We make money is hard but in some of our webmaster pay a letter after the return is a stereotyped ruthless mail. So cold! So we don’t hit the station. We should resist and reflection? We must unite to come together! Get him out of China.

serial killer

Hello! GG I do more than a year! But now I finally gave up he knows why? Is not the problem of cheating is not because cheating is K off! I have never cheated! But I will fall off after K K email is still we find your site invalid click. According to the meaning of shlf1314 said Khan must ensure that 100% is not invalid

for the quality of serial entrepreneurs, an American analyst said, "money is not important, the key is to have different psychological qualities of ordinary people.". Like serial killers, killing the first person is often impulsive, and killing second and third is actually not easy. Zhu Weilian defeated, keep on fighting and pioneering, really thrilling.

if the new banyan website successfully online, Zhu Weilian will become a 5 pioneering experience of serial entrepreneurs. In 15 years, he founded the United advertising company, under the banyan tree, flower net and site map rainstorm entertainment company.

Author: Southern Weekend reporter Xie Peng from the bottom: Shanghai

Zhu Weilian was born in a small town in California, the United states. There are four sisters at home, he is the youngest son, as many Chinese Americans, Zhu in California opened seven chain Chinese restaurant, the family was very good.


Zhu Weilian Sina pictures

from the network literature to online games, from the blog star to Web2.0 the new army, the Internet industry is not who is involved in a number of areas such as Zhu Weilian and still standing today and let us experience together after listen to the senior entrepreneurs through the vicissitudes of life experience.


do you need to pay you will find that he is ready to K off you! If that is all what? Just for the 7.1 of the exchange rate? If so it is not the pursuit of

so I suggest doing GG or do you consider a friend please do friends are likely to be empty. Get ready for


IT Chinese industry veteran, has witnessed more than 10 years with China Internet industry. From network literature to online games, from the blog star to Web2.0 new army, the Internet industry has not been like Zhu Weilian so involved in a number of areas, and so far can not stand.




he is controversial, he cited his entrepreneurial story to continue to follow a lot of people proud, but some people think that is a crime – a person about the ideal is awesome, a man with a bunch of people talk about the ideal is a crime. Some people say that he is easy to do, and some people laugh at him, is a repeated battle, repeatedly frustrated.

because banyan is a generation of literary youth memories of the times, Zhu Weilian’s position, so that we once again cast eyes on the once Internet man of the hour.


in 1993, Zhu Weilian, despite his parents’ opposition, came to China to search for the Chinese dream. He is the first venture in 1994 opened the United advertising company, he said he was put into the DM advertising direct investment business model.

April 14th, Zhu Weilian announced the repurchase he founded under the banyan tree site failed, and that will set up a new website under the banyan tree at the end of May.

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