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said that his cousin, in the farmers market, small restaurants like a dozen, every one of the dishes that dishes are in more than 50, even more can reach 180, and his cousin is only 25.

in accordance with the explanation given by degrees, the Internet thinking refers to the full use of the Internet’s spirit, value, technology, methods, rules, opportunities to guide, handle, innovative thinking way of work.

The concept of

knows that the biggest gain on the web is advertising. How can I make a small amount of money in a short time?. Of course, this must be cheating. That is, this year I have done a new site, traffic to the fast station, and now are generally picture station, non mainstream, station. The price of these GG ads is very low. New station exclude this method.

only cook 25 dishes,

"Internet thinking" can be said to be the most popular term for the Internet industry, chat with people, do not talk about Internet thinking, you are embarrassed to say that he is the industry. But the earth demon believes most of it is just a mouth to speak, and if it were to systematically explain the Internet, there are few people who can tell.

in the shop cheaper than other dishes at the same time, the store and other stores no cousin free food — a small dish of pickled radish, a small dish of Deep-Fried Peanuts, and can be used free Sheng small rice, Eggdrop soup.

these methods are stable and profitable, the article content is all my own experience, to share and share with you, only for websites and Taobao friends useful. If you don’t have any of these two friends, please don’t look down. If you are not patient, please don’t look down. If you are a student and have a computer, you must look down, because your living expenses are worrying.

earth demon / text

I started wanting to do the station, but I did, but JIA wanted to be a non mainstream picture station and FZLOL, so I chose an unpopular keyword. Do a picture of Europe and America, just omtpw this domain name no one to apply, I will apply. Only a few days, traffic is 100 – 300 a day. Instable。 We can go to the website to see my record number. No, you really did start a station in 2010. But it can make money in just a few days. But I’m waiting, wait until the keywords do it more convenient because more traffic to the keywords will be more real, I am now the site and the picture is new, I only very few keywords sh419 GG included many key to more. Muzi, everyone should have heard of this software. Get a jump file. Get a background file. You can start cheating and earn advertising fees. Of course, you have to buy Muzi, pioneer, these mock real click cheating software. I’ll say it casually. For example, a file is road traffic to your website to find the true antecedents, from your website to flow keyword page link save save to file link antecedents probably is so a form of omtpw/lailuphpto put this link in the software testing background file. The jump file is the link form of your web content page and the link form of the antecedents file. The premise is to send these two files to the root directory of your web site.

less is more — my little restaurant sells only 25 vegetables,

free – free is only bait, to have to give up,

this cousin is the earth demon, aunt home, since childhood did not love learning, but the brain active. Now open a small restaurant in a farmer’s market in Jiangyan District, Jiangsu, Taizhou. The restaurant covers an area of more than 50 square meters, with an annual income of around 1 million 200 thousand.

Why does

some friends may ask where to get an ad, and now there are many alliances that have "just put on popups" and are generally not blocked. I won’t say that. Generally speaking, 1000IP’s pop will have 4 dollars so. I tried the Muzi software a day, the highest can have 8000IP, in addition to league deduction and software costs, there are 15 to 20 a day, so. Is this just a website’s income?.

first introduces the background:

first: what I want to say is to use the website to make a small profit.

second >

Everyone who has been on ?Cousin

cousin said, "scale procurement", so that his shop every dish can be cheaper than the surrounding shop one or two dollars, so turn the number is also much higher than the surrounding shop.

cousin told me, these free food every day down only more than 30 dollars, but to bring customers the feeling is very good: a money is not spent, the table has been put on the two dishes, two bowls, as accounted for a big advantage.

revealed the reason: one is the 25 dishes covering the surrounding ordinary consumers 80% order types, the dishes reduced not only convenient procurement, but also because of a large amount of additional concessions; two is to cook, cooking more easily, always stir the 25 dishes, a long time the natural Practice makes perfect. fried, not only taste better, serve faster; three, these 25 dishes are tomatoes, egg, meat, fried shredded potato Moo Shu Pork equivalent of a class of uniform grade dishes, so that every people into the store, there is no pressure.

such a school to see with didn’t look like wood there?! just recently and cousin made a deep talk, give you a look at the reduction, the eyes of the business of the junior high school students, what is perfectly fit the Internet thinking.

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