Talk about how to earn his rookie first goldThe use of Witkey platform easy to do Wangzhuan

of course, these just teach you how to practice, only you have practiced, will have harvest


may have some friends will say, I contact the Internet network for a relatively short time, these are not really understand, I would have those skills of things you said above, how to make money in Witkey? Actually, Witkey platform inside the mission is diversity, even if you don’t over those networks knowledge, also can make money in the witkey. For example, relatively simple writing tasks, post task, information group tasks, these are relatively simple, for professional and technical skills, the requirements are not very high, the novice can do these simple tasks to make money.

: I think, as a novice, if we do not know the network knowledge, so we should learn about it, at least let yourself know what you want by which way to realize the purpose to do in order to earn, to safeguard their rights and interests, how to make yourself recognized. On these tutorials, online yisou a large, can through all kinds of network platform of their own society. This is not difficult.

once the image of the Witkey platform tasks compared to half of mental work, half of physical labor. Morning, this metaphor is very appropriate, why do you say that, because those who design web sites, design logo tasks are relatively test professional knowledge, and therefore is likened to mental labor.

There are many ways to make money on

second step: to learn the rules of network marketing. According to the existing rules of the network to carry out their own Wangzhuan activities, otherwise, your face will only be zero income outcome. The third step: a mule is a horse, must pull out yo, to learn their own knowledge of the use of, and start their own action. But to remind you, to master a thing, and then to learn new things, so that none of the harm. Don’t be of two minds. Because of the higher is a mental activity. You have to have your own unique vision of each operation, no matter what success or failure it is, we have to keep a cool head.

today I want this article can make money Witkey inspiration and harvest for everyone, I hope you can really earn money on the Internet, realize the dream of me. The net Wangzhuan www.>

, and those forums, post, group and other tasks, for professional skills, no requirements, purely by manual labor for a long time to complete, so it was referred to as manual labor. In fact, whether physical or mental work, their purpose is the same, that is, the completion of the employer’s task, get a commission.

Witkey Wangzhuan is an online popular money mode, in Witkey online, as long as you have proficiency in a particular line can earn the money, so loved by the majority of users. Relatively well-known Witkey network, there are pig eight quit, Witkey network and Witkey China, etc., the use of Witkey platform, making money online is not difficult. Today morning, we introduced the use of Witkey money making skills.

?The first step of

but I see there are a lot of most novice website mentality, first wants to be rich overnight, but the reality is that so? Remember behind a expert said anything a master is constantly learning and accumulation, the biggest mistake made by most couples is thought himself a few weeks or months to go beyond than the accumulation of people over the past few years, so please see is there, but very few, even if you have some basic site not how to make money?

networking is easy, but not everyone can make money. Therefore, as a novice, we should straighten out the mentality, not to think about what to earn, how much, but to think about what they learned in the end. Because our wealth and wisdom are in direct proportion, have you ever seen a self-made moneybags who doesn’t study knowledge? So it’s the only way to keep learning.

contact the task of Witkey friends should know, in Witkey platform, we only need to complete the task of others release, you can get commission, commission is generally different according to task difficulty. For example, an employer publishes an enterprise logo design task, and the price of such a simple task is generally not high. For example, some websites customized tasks, because this task is relatively difficult, so the Commission is generally relatively high, and more even a few thousand dollars. So in Witkey platform, as long as you have your own spare time with proficiency in a particular line, earn extra money is not a problem.

of course to carry out business activities through the network, first you have to have some basic conditions, it is time to equipment, secondly, you have to maintain a good mental state, everything is not easy, need to go through a long time of hard work. And you have to maintain a high degree of vigilance, harm heart can not exist, but also against the hearts of the people. In the face of this colorful network of virtual world, we still have to be careful, not in the trap of bad people. How exactly did we start our cyber nuggets,

, but not all projects make money. Many projects are unreliable. So it is very important to a more stable and reliable, can earn money to find the item, for those engaged in graphic design perennial friends, use of spare time to design some logo to earn some extra money to help employers in Witkey, Why not?? and the use of spare time to help employers newbie Posts earn pocket money, is also the advocate.

the development of the Internet can be said to bring a new angle of view for the progress of human society. The Internet is a simple and complex object. Will bring its own success, gain the wealth and fame; will not use its people for their ignorance paid the price. As a beginner, if we want to use the Internet to learn how to make money, then even a small amount of money is a success, isn’t it?.

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