Why do Wangzhuan novice friends not to earn moneyAli Taobao ads suspended for 6 days notice

What is the Taobao

1: advertising alliance

two: Taobao makes money

, I’m here to talk about the five mainstream money making models on the internet.


every day on the Witkey release a lot of tasks, as long as you have enough professional level, you will not worry about no money, Witkey monthly income of countless yuan.

is Chinese largest online trading platform, as long as you have enough mind, creative, into the hundreds is no problem, don’t worry about what you can not sell, you don’t have people there, you don’t even need any

, Taobao is in the store to help guest to promote a product, with the salesman is the same, to help businesses sell a product, it can give you how much commission, remember last week Taobao customer champion, a week income in more than 30 thousand, so long as you have the ability to promote, this is a way.

three: Taobao customers make money

Internet is different from reality. The Internet is a thing that can be copied. As long as you take it back and make a little modification, it becomes your own thing, for example

League address: aliunion.cn.yahoo

five: learn to copy

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

Dear Ali alliance Publisher:

Ali Alliance

four: do Witkey


circulated on the Internet many higher tutorials, the vast majority of waste products, without any value, can only mislead Wangzhuan novice friends, Wangzhuan is a opportunistic occupation, age of the past, in the future time, along with the law on the Internet is more and more perfect, do Wangzhuan will be more and more specification, we can refer to base on www.wz858 Wangzhuan project, only long legal projects should be the real pursuit.

this is the most basic model to make money, Chinese ninety percent of all advertising alliance support, most of which are on the GG support, as long as your site flow is large enough, then even if you add the bed every day in the rich, because your website is working for you in 24 hours.

novice friends just contact Wangzhuan industry why not to earn money, the more eager to make money more is not to earn money, base line Wangzhuan more than half a year, here I am very grateful to the friends who support Wangzhuan base, in the first half of this year, every day I used to analysis learning website access to statistics, see the visitors every day browsing, probably in the browse pages more than 20 pages more than few people probably less than one percent sh419 long tail traffic will not say, what this description, in fact, obviously, a lot of friends want to do Wangzhuan immediately make money immediately, into the hundreds, hundreds of, can not find such a project in the higher base, inevitable is of no interest, most people just missed a chance of success… It is also verified that such a sentence, rather than being cheated Not willing to start from scratch. Success has no shortcuts.

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