Deep feeling grass roots webmaster heart and force is insufficient 1The Qihoo began to pay commissio

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November Commission has been paid.

domain program is good, you have to choose space, space directly determines the future development of a web site, choose good space in the end? The foreign price cheap, relatively stable, but the speed is not ideal, a site after 10S did not open the first page is. >

        website for almost two years, what the theme of the station are done, perhaps cannot persist, not a big station, you laughed, long-term diving in the A5, today is very pleased to be here and we exchange ideas, share the experience of

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

The !

After the


more League information is available: top.admin5/u

has been busy breaking the line of the net recently, at the same time also deeply felt as a grassroots webmaster power is so small…

domain name is selected, then have to choose the website program, I believe you all grassroots webmaster to each big CMS play is quite mature, but CMS is still not fully developed by others, as I intended, or the CMS some advantages of the CMS, that some do, that there is No. How do? Their development? The difficulty that is quite high, not to mention how you PHP ASP, even if developed, vulnerability is a ah, others are CMS development team! You said, I also set up a cow X team, development program, no problem. When you’re the grassroots? Each grassroots webmaster can buy commercial version of this?? no problem, just a lot of money paid ah, finally also not others can understand you! No way and finally you have to choose one of their relative satisfaction of the program is selected, the template, not total could you just hang a feel ugly template on? It’s not responsible, develop their own templates, this line, compared to the simple development process a lot, not to learn how to do?.

! ! Alliance

consortium pays by transfer.

first, a web site, you must have a domain name, a good domain name at the same time, twice the result with half the effort, and vice versa happy event! What kind of domain name is a sign of a good domain name? We all know there is a spectrum, I personally feel good to remember the domain name is the good domain name, like what the words that, Larry, ultrashort these are relatively easy to remember, a consistent theme of the site and easy to remember domain name, can let visitors the first time remember your site, but also facilitate the next visit, but now you can think of the basic domain, you feel the good domain name, most of them being registered, repeated queries countless times always see the "registered", can only sigh now so many people engaged in the network, in front of two choices before us: 1. continue to query, find a relatively good one, so To the end can really find their own relatively satisfactory, but still not as good as the most satisfying! 2. buy! Watch their favorite domain name, found to be registered, and only want to buy, you are willing to buy other people may not be willing to sell it, or to sell the price are very high. How do? In the face of such problems, we grassroots that is quite helpless ah…..

release time: December 12, 2007

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