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I decided to start that year, 2006, is the rapid development of electronic commerce, B2C, B2B and C2C business model is gradually accepted by users and familiar with all kinds of independent shop mall, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, this new market competition is very fierce. IT came from me, and, like many entrepreneurs, saw ECSHOP’s business opportunities. Jobs, Ma Yun, Robin Li, and the entrepreneurial experience of the successful predecessors of IT gave me confidence and courage. Finally, I and a group of like-minded buddy who joined the army of entrepreneurship, to create one of their own shopping mall one-stop service.

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with orders, to customers, we did not relax, but feel the pressure on the shoulders, and need to work harder and more. So, for the next long time, I and my little friends began to become silent and become very neurotic. You’re right. It’s really neurotic. In front of the computer, the table, the rest, is no longer talking about some international political events, but to a technique of a template for a plugin of non-stop discussions and debates, even red. That because of a long-term stay up late to work overtime and become gaunt gray face, a program for chatter without stop quarrel, and in the tireless efforts and hard to get orders when the team cheers and happy, everything that our entrepreneurial path in pain.

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if in my most beautiful years, give you seven years, what will you do? Some people will choose to talk about a love with vigour and vitality of the marriage and children have a safe and happy life, some people will choose the high degree Study hard every day was admirable, and people will choose to travel on both sides of the Changjiang River completed a childhood dream to travel around the world. And I and my little friends, but chose this hard and difficult road of entrepreneurship, these seven years, with the words of the young people often say to summarize is: pain and happy.

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everything is difficult at first. At the beginning of our career, our ECSHOP development center is just a fashion visual design studio, and what we can offer is simple page design. We don’t have spacious, bright big offices, no decent salary, no high-end computer equipment. At the time of the ECSHOP mall system, our studio seemed so small that even a lot of its peers did not see it as a competitor. But me and my buddies always think: any thing has its course of development, although only a small seed or a bud, but in our enthusiasm and efforts and adhere to the irrigation consistent from beginning to end, she is not meant to the tide of electronic commerce in a small spray. She is sure to become a

more than 1 months after the studio, we received the first order. The excitement and excitement of me and my little friends were still fresh. The reality is that the pay God helps those who help themselves, will have a harvest, let us on the development of the studio with confidence.

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