On the choice of single page Money SkillsWhat is the basic formula of Wangzhuan success

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5: a lot of people tend to not earn money is a big reason not to insist on, any one thing to be successful is not easy, can not do the three day two days can earn money, do not see a day to earn a few hundred think they easily earned, in fact, they do a lot of work before. The result is to adhere to.

Wangzhuan success = Learning + Innovation + + + implementation review stick

1: a lot of beginner learning every day in this study there is no action, others can earn much money every day out, with a skeptical attitude. This is not good, the first step must be seriously study, the study time depends on your savvy. I studied for less than two months, can earn more than 200 per day. I recommend the novice to understand "look at the day to earn 500 yuan" this book, not to say how good this writing, but let us know Wangzhuan about what is going on, will let you know from the macro Wangzhuan is like that, the whole understanding of your own innovation is very good, the I read the book one day, look about what it does, then go back to see more often inspire some new ideas.

3: when it comes to innovation, I think is the most important part of the higher, because there is no innovation always follow others run will be very tired, others on the basis of some ideas with their own money, and more easily.

it’s just about fruit. You can input 163, 126, observe the relevant search it, it will come out what? Oh, you will laugh, index of tens of thousands of words in front of you……

single page to make money has been a lot of SEOR’s favorite way to make money, no reason for him, is simply two words. Choose the word, do a good job page, do a little outside the chain, such as ranking up, and then receive money. Of course, the amount of money, but also depends on individual efforts and good fortune. Some people do 100 single page, earn less than a few cents; some people do a single page, money rolling. Before I wrote a single page to make money must choose the right word, it is the green weight network www.sofat.net to share a single page money diction skills.

4: as the saying goes, "every day", reflection on the part of this review is very important, often to think, where does good, where could be improved, can improve efficiency and income. There is no better way to operate the project.

well, a single page money choice skills here today. Two days later, come to a single page profitable page layout and optimization techniques. Thank you all.


to be successful, must meet the following formula:

there are many things in life we should pay attention to, every day we eat fruit, to eat food, it is our goal, as long as you want, find it Jishibailai words is not a problem. When it comes to fruit, do you type apples into the sh419 index? What does it come out of? The nutritional value of apples, the effects of apples, the benefits of apples, and so forth. Well, what about the banana? The pineapple? The lemon? And the kiwi?…… Ha ha, we all do very rich station, we should think of many such words.

first explain, a single page to make money in several ways, the most important thing is to put GGAD and do Taobao customers. Here I just share a single page to do GGAD, how to choose keywords.

finally hoped that each of our forum’s new people can do the above steps, and really make money.

2: execution, that’s what you need to do. Even the best ideas, ideas, projects, tutorials aren’t implemented. That’s white.

this election, we will elect a lot of words, the index is about 1000, search results of less than 1 million. You can do all of these words, but how do you make more money? Here’s another technique. Because we are going to do at the GGAD, but also hope to have high click, so you should try to choose words, and some high priced auction words linked, this is conducive to increase the hit rate, but also can improve our income. I used to have a failure example, sh419 index more than 900 words, I ranked second, more than 500 IP a day, but the number of clicks advertising only 2, 3 times, very boring, very no sense of accomplishment. Single page click rate should be more than 5%, which is the minimum!


clearly, the purpose of a single page is to put GGAD, then we do not have to consider the beauty of the page, but directly to find large flow, but the competition is not high keywords to do. Selection tool is sh419 search index has its. So, how do you find these words with a certain amount of traffic but less competition, which requires a certain amount of skill and insight?.

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