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from the start, Guo Quji wanted to bring China to the world.

Longhai railway connects the hometown of Chengdu, which is the home of Guo Kuo. From 1984 to 1999, Guo Quji took the railway to Anhui, Hefei, and even Beijing and Shanghai, where University of Science and Technology of China was located. Get out of the house for Guo Quji saw the rapid development of Chinese first-tier cities. However, in his "23 times to take this route, and from Chinese East at the same time, they found 15 years ago, almost no change along the railway landscape".

Guo Quji wants to change, and wants to see the bigger world out there.

time in the United States let Guo Quji to jump out a better perspective on China, but for China, he once had an emotional disappointment.

the afternoon of June 6th, when Guo Quji sounded the NYSE closing bell, I do not know whether he would think of knocking on the door of Stanford University from the bottom of the sentence: "What I care most is my country" I am most concerned about is my country.

America is no stranger to guo. Study, work, MBA…… Once the Chinese students, now with a large number of "made in China" back here.

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in the face of "What matters most to you", "and why", perhaps not many people have the courage and confidence to answer such an answer like Guo Quji, the Chinese

"What I care most is my country", which is submitted in 2004 for the United States Stanford University Guo Quji MBA one of the title of the article readme. In the face of "What matters, most, to, you, and, why" problems, perhaps not many people have the courage and confidence to answer such an answer like Guo Quji, china.

Chinese complex and American thought

in 1999, graduated from the Department of computer science, Guo Quji went to the University of Illinois to study electrical engineering master. After graduation, Guo began working as a programmer at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle.


was the first Chinese concept to knock on the gates of the NYSE in 2013, and as of 13, Lanting Pavilion’s stock price had topped $15, up 50% from the $9.5 issue price.

Tang Wenzhi

2000, Guo Quji post "in the famous students forum on disappointment and hope — an answer to why we come to the United States," the paper wrote, "he was disappointed not China economic growth is not fast enough, not Chinese today"

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