Ma Xia Hui webmaster how to correct attitude to do stand

"stationmaster" magazine and Anhui Internet Alliance ( thousands of lecture sponsored ( has been to the twenty-third period, the period for everyone, Ma Xia Hui Name: wind demon: 2000 served as the "popular software" 2000-2002 "user evaluation editor world" editorial director of 2002 "nethead" executive editor 2003-2004 TOM technology channel editor

2004-2005, NetEase science and technology channel editor, 2005-2006 MYSEE live network public relations director, 2006-2007 public relations director, marketing director 2008-2009, editor in chief. It can be said that the editor of the old rivers and lakes, well-known domestic editor.

, the main group, broadcast group, broadcast group (1500 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new four group: 27915544 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below, the wind demon officially began his speech today,

wind demon: Hello everyone. Today, I’m going to talk about the mentality of being a station. This is only my own point of view, not correct, and hope to attract people’s attention, to inspire everyone.

one, do station mentality is more important than technology

wind demon: first of all, for what do stand why want to speak your mind, cold day. Everything has its law and process, and it is urgent. What was most unfortunate was the retreat on the eve of victory. These retreating people are often unaware of the normal course of things and misjudged the situation. For example, short-term profits and long-term development of choice, is one of the problems we often encounter. What is the short-term profit, such as pop, gang horse…… These short time are very profitable, or excessive advertising in the forum, traffic will come up a lot in the short term. But after? Is often a station that was destroyed.

wind demon: many people busy for several years, found that they did not make a station. And some do late than yourself, the so-called very stupid webmaster, but succeeded, is the difference between the mentality. But the other extreme is too big. A lot of people do stand up, get on the server, and even please full-time technical, full-time art to help. But I think that unless itself is not ostentatious, at the beginning of the large investment do stand. Early, in addition to the domain name, the rest can be free or cheap. A few days ago, in the participation of the old K invited to participate in the 5.16 high-end webmaster party to know little evil, his novel station every day pv2000 million. But when he was just standing, it was a lot of space to work together. By the way, what is the core resource for doing station?. Domain names and data are core resources, and must not be lost. But the domain name is not necessarily good, stand like domain name, good value. Inappropriate >

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