Local websites opportunities and dangers coexist persistence is victory

The rapid growth of

users, promote network from comprehensive continuously to the subdivision, traditional portals are gradually changing their way through the WEB2.0, so that visitors from "heavy" into the "user", different regions have the different culture, different cultures have different needs of the Internet, starting in 07 place the portal has been gradually showing strong profitability and rapid development is expected, according to statistics, 07 years of local portal market size of 6.1 million, 08 years is expected to reach 790 million.

relying on local users, providing local information, to provide local network communication platform for the local portal site in the Guangdong area has been developed, the better it is understood that a very simple Shenzhen local yellow pages nature of the site, there will be an annual net income of more than one million yuan. From the statistical data can be seen, Guangdong Internet users accounted for about 13% of the country’s Internet users, when the proportion of Internet users to reach a certain scale, the local portal profit is no longer a problem.

, but local portals are not as easy to run as many people think, and there are relatively large risks. These risks are:

, information risk management and control: network media, and is becoming more and more important to the media, the media has always been on the Chinese is controlled, so far, media, TV etc. are strictly as "the party and the country’s throat lifeline", but the network from the control technology and policy, are difficult to the scientific and effective sound, when control is poor when the most simple method will: shut the station. This makes one of the important issues that many local web portals have to face in their development: huge investments are likely to cause websites to be shut down by an article.

The risk of competition:

two, when the site of influence to a certain extent, the network has not only virtual things, China or a social relationship, Never mind marketing, website will suffer a fatal blow at any time.

three, potential risks in all aspects: local websites will inevitably involve people and things in places, and inevitably there will be negative enterprises and individuals. A local newspaper was besieged by an entire newspaper for a whole day.

so we see the current situation is: do many large local websites, have a good background, or only very careful operation, entertainment, holding, waiting for.

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