Public comment must be from slow company to wolf can not afford to wait


The year is nearly

, the acquisition of news electric business district. First Baidu announced a wholly-owned acquisition of glutinous rice, and then full house network was Su Ning acquisition. It is the acquisition rumors of public comment has been not a zhunxin children. In the recent public information, small West saw the founder of public comment Zhang Tao at its annual meeting put forward the "2014 public comment will be the two pioneering" reference. In this regard, we can have two interpretations, one is empty and the other is real. Empty words can be understood as public comment on the acquisition negotiating table to increase their own chips; in fact, can be seen as its overall strategy in 2014 show. For the latter, Xiao Xi believes that there are several changes which deserve further attention.

The phrase "

slow company" disappeared and replaced the radical wolf

‘s most intuitive shift is the theme of this year’s meeting: "focus on goals, passion for wolves."". In the overall strategy, Zhang Tao said, 2014 will be the most extraordinary year of public comment, but also the beginning of the two true business, 2014 slogan is "review, restart, attack in full."". The group purchase business is being defined as the "arena", 2014 will take a more aggressive strategy, an all-out offensive line three or four city. In this regard, the industry believes that this formulation is clearly directed at the U.S. mission to the group purchase boss (2013 U.S. group turnover of 16 billion yuan, the public comment is less than 10 billion), two of the past few years has been to 2014 between the two sides presumably will continue to upgrade.

, and in internal management, the public comment clearly said there should be clear and reasonable reward and punishment mechanism. The official statement is "a comprehensive upgrade of the current mechanism, the target is a quarterly update completed most of the sales incentives, completed in the first half of most of the non sales mechanism", obviously, this KPI big kill has worn well, the public comment sales brothers from the second half of 2013 should have to feel the pressure the.

compared to the public comment earlier formulation, you will find that the public comment on the transition is indeed great. Prior to this, the public comment has been in a number of time points, a number of levels to indicate that he is indeed a "slow" company". Zhang Tao is to say that, collection of information comments job was not up soon. But now it looks like there has been a real change in perceptions of the management of public opinion following a dramatic change in the environment.

in addition to market competition, corporate governance and other factors are driving the public comment from slow to fast, one of the more core is product attributes. Small West believes that if you want to engage in spiritual civilization, like watercress, know about such interest in the community, then you have to do a slow company, basically no problem. Because the content of this data is partial metaphysical discussion, it is difficult to have "black" or "white" fast conclusion, the tool is not strong, timeliness is not sensitive, many topics themselves can not be exhausted, can not enumerate. The academic term is "data life"

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