Half a month ago to do the station Baidu included a little personal experience summary

do a half months ago xianlaiwushi station did not have what imagination is using foreign virtual host! What kind of 1G are very cheap only 10 a few dollars to try DEDECMS just updated some articles, after 15 days did not see it. Did not expect to see a few days ago, Baidu even included 30 pages, ha ha, but see this article below, I feel very lucky!


Baidu included in general is relatively slow, fast about a month, slow half a year has not been included.


makes a website, it is easier to include the following ideas:

1. Accumulation of text independent keywords in the heading.


emphasized the title and content of the website, if it comes to a keyword in the title, and the actual content of irrelevant keywords, then Baidu may be deleted. This clause reflects Baidu’s strict. But it is worth pondering, Baidu is using what method to judge the relationship between content and the title of the web site keywords? Is not the title of the emergence of a certain keyword, text will appear??? If not, then Baidu’s search technology can like, from the meaning and logic to analyze? Such as machine can not judge organic glass mentioned in the title area with the acrylic is the same meaning? Of course, if Baidu all adopt the manual review site, so this is a very good, very practical! But that there is a problem, man The audit is not relevant, and who says that?

2. Pages that use automatic jump may be discarded by Baidu.

doesn’t need much comment. It’s mainly for some cheating practices. Most search engines have similar terms,.

3. On the same page, don’t have too many links. On the site map type pages, please give important links to the content, not all the details. Too many links can also cause Baidu to be banned from.

How much does

connection is too much?? Google stay also suggested that the best not more than 100, Baidu? Baidu with this one can be punished most of the large sites, most of the large site are so good dozens or even hundreds of connected.

4. If your site has done a lot of optimization for Baidu, but it gives users a lot of negative experience, then your site may eventually be snubbed by Baidu.

what is too much for Baidu optimization? Can you have a bit more detailed standards? Although the meaning of this sentence is very good, no one seems to be the conscience of the people should be applauded, but the key question is what is the specific operating standards? Excessive optimization and negative thoughts, everyone has different view. For example, I think that the first page of Baidu search results is all advertising, affecting my feelings, is >

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