Webmaster please respect your website user

recently saw many similar phenomenon: I click on the title page of the link, it actually went to the title of the column to go, and in the first screen to see the contents of the title, I was engaged in a sweat, I do not know how many PV can bring them, how much advertising benefits:

I asked a few stationmaster the reason for this is: can give users required articles, and gave him all the more, it sounds really good, even if it is a real idea (now, not less than the ability to flicker.). In this way, I personally think that these webmasters over subjective judgment of the user’s needs. Think they are good for users, and users will need more information content. Webmaster, do you think this is necessary, everything or let the user call it!!!


what I’m trying to say is pretty clear: respect for the user, god.

what is the user want? How is a good user experience? (last released in Admin5 on the user experience, thank you for the webmaster, most of the chain, mother, link, transaction intermediary support. Respect for user requirements is a basic criterion. When they say that they want to see the news, they first show it to others, and use the largest space in the pages to write them in large characters, so as to show them to others.

analysis of the plausible conclusions and recommendations, is also very good, but take this back analysis, conclusions and recommendations to the chief editor of each size portal lobby again, we still can be found everywhere, click on the title link to jump to the program / project page (QQ is a typical example, the content of the corresponding title) has disappeared. Why is that,


then simply partitions our users, looks at what might happen to a title link, and the impact on PV:

1, jump to the title content, after reading close the page, to the site increased 1 PV, the user get want, to the site feel good, later may often come to see.

2, jump to the topic / column page,

Some users of

do not get what they want and feel cheated. They close the page directly and add 1 PV.

(1) users don’t feel good and may not come to this site

(2) although feel bad, but can see similar information limited place, patience, or will come to this site.

part of the user, did not find what you want, but then found on the page of several other interested content, crazy point, add N PV value to the site.

can be seen from the above, click the title link to jump to a topic / column page, is likely to bring higher PV value for the entire site. As a matter of fact, web editors are working on this purpose

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