Webmaster how to grasp the garbage station and industry station promotion way

the last time I saw a man on a promotional article in A5, I have a saying "I’m going to talk about today’s website promotion, of course, refers to the promotion of industry, rather than to promote garbage station, station did not need to talk about, talk about no meaning" so I don’t to agree, do not know the man in the eyes of the "junk" is what "rubbish", at least in my simple understanding, the so-called dumpster refers to some unique profit model does not have its own website, other words popular words is to rely on advertising alliance and the profitability of the station is rubbish station, the the center station is around the advertising and services, so as to get the maximum benefit from the advertising alliance


I don’t know this garbage station occupied much of the proportion of the proportion of business owners, but at least there is a large part of the webmaster is to rely on advertising revenue sources, whether GG or several domestic league in website can put to put, in the Baidu search on just a few words, whether it is a bit the professional nature of the "lose weight" or the ordinary "beauty" the website keywords real selling products, selling services and a few do, so today I wanted to talk about their own promotion methods know garbage station, did not need to talk about, but it is necessary in the dumps and talk! Some people are advocating "high-end station" is indeed a


station is on the search, can also be Baidu can also be GG, GG traffic is Baidu a few, in fact this view is not entirely correct, although also a keyword with the same ranking in Baidu and GG, but to bring traffic to a website, GG is not even half of Baidu that this is true, but you have to distinguish between a point, you do is Baidu keyword index or Google index, than say " A" great in Baidu search volume, but not necessarily in GG also have such a large amount of search, have is the same, so if you want to they are doing good or Baidu GG at the start of your website. But if it is the so-called industry station, have the necessary! Take the A5, he is not on the day which key position in which Baidu hits and decided to visit their website! This is rubbish station can not match the station if a key word is Baidu brush at the traffic and revenue will immediately have to brush down


talk about the more popular soft Wen promotion law, about the definition and the source of soft words, interested can go to the relevant information. Take the A5 articles, more than 100 articles every day, but a few are good without a purpose to write, to write their own experience and experience, is not absolute, but rarely, they write to this purpose, a web site, I hope other stations to reprint only this. If the promotion is garbage station, I like these have been enough, because the so-called garbage station to industry station, they need not Baidu a few outside the chain, but need some of their loyal customers, and even some potential.

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