Want to start a business Maybe you can start with blogging


when you have a great startup, idea. You immediately start the day and night to prototype, code. After a few weeks of crazy work, you released the product with great anticipation and found no one cares.

this story, I believe many people are not strange. In many cases, the entrepreneur’s product does not help people solve real problems. Thankfully, lean entrepreneurship refers to a path that helps many entrepreneurs find market demand and build companies through constant validation learning. Through experimentation, assume that the user’s real needs are discovered.

in addition, there is an unknown method — blogging. You’re right. Blogging is really a credible strategy to quickly validate your ideas and collect feedback from the market. Some of the more famous startups have used this strategy:


Mattermark is a data analysis software, import it from Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList, CrunchBase as well as the news website data, to help investors find some potential opportunities, and keep track of an entrepreneurial growth.

founder Danielle Morrill was after business failure, the portfolio index of major incubators and investment companies, such as the company’s Alex YC hatch and Facebook MAU is the number of other ranks. After writing so many blogs in succession, it caused great sensation on Twitter and Facebook and trained a large number of readers. Then she began the road of entrepreneurship, to set up Mattermark.



Silencer founder Zack Shapiro was working for TaskRabbit, he wrote a blog: "why" pure "is the Internet a chance" (Why Muting is the next big era of the Internet). In the article, he talked about how to filter the flood of information, but also introduced a "mute API": according to keywords, labels, activities, names, themes and other garbage filtering information.

this article received a great deal of response, and then he tried to turn his ideas into reality. He spent the evenings and weekends developing after work. Three months later, Zack launched a Chrome plug-in for information filtering through keyword and tag Silencer. So far, the plug-in he developed is capable of filtering every day

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