Henan Adsense network promotion experience summary

Henan station network construction in 2009, initially just for the Henan area of the webmaster friends to build a platform for information exchange, slowly, many friends will consult me through this platform some promotion issues. Below I will own to Henan webmaster net promotion method, introduces some friends to study

1., first of all, when you do a web site, must remember to major search engines to submit your website, for example, Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao, and so on,

2. navigation website submission, submit your website to navigation website, strive for included

3. and than their website PR high web site to do links, increase the chain

4. rich in the content of their website, this is very important, only with the content, you can better service for users, content is likely to original

5. do website optimization, for their own web site for a system, I optimize, learn SEO, in their own web site constantly practice,

6. mail promotion, send regular information to your friends who are interested in your website, via email service

7. information promotion, release some information, such as "Henan Adsense net home advertisement, Qingming Festival discount" and so on,

, 8.QQ and other timely chat system promotion, group promotion, this everyone is more familiar with, and I will not say

9. and large similar sites to establish project cooperation, consult each other support, make progress together,

introduced so much today, QQ QQ group 60408419. Reprinted please retain Henan webmaster net (www.hazzw.com)

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