The website to change do you fear

many web designers, from artists to programs, can often face the same problem, that is, "modify, modify, and then modify."". Faced with such a problem, how should we deal with and how to solve it? I have many years of experience in website production summed up a few points:

1. Art design level: most of the artists in the Internet company are from the website training school. Huge tuition fees, but in the end did not learn more valuable things. Most of the quality of training institutions is not high, and the school enrollment is very broad, as long as the money, is generosity. Many people do not know the website design and advertising, the requirements of the artist is actually very high, not simple software will be able to do something good. So many people, in a year or two, but also how to improve art feel not up, met a lot of problems of art theory greatly, the collocation of color, font, layout of collocation, these schools are seldom teach. Most of the teachers included were just software that worked well. A good designer, how much money can be out of excellent works, bad art designer, took the money and not feel guilty! Believe a word, a high level of design is to see who is good! It is a realm! Is a kind of enjoyment. ·

2. Internet Environment: I feel personally about the environment. I don’t have to complain too much about the chaos in the market. I don’t have to worry about going into the internet. These conditions will gradually improve and improve as people become more aware of it. Unless we all don’t do it. The fierce competition in the industry will inevitably lead to the process of standardized operation.

3. Web site planning problem: many people mentioned site planning, I think its purpose is nothing more than, most of them are to prevent the late modification too much and carry on. Just make a good structure and set some requirements modules. One of the purpose of planning is the necessary analysis of website construction, the second is our customers and a standardized production standards, but they see many Internet companies, is also not the same sheep head, a template, with simply flying crow. Often go to the network company’s case, to see so many twins website, feel for the site, planning as soon as possible to drink the northwest wind.

employees, bosses are looking for their own problems, do not let others say that we Chinese people are very lazy copy copy! Good site, the prospects are still good!


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