How do game developers improve user retention

at the beginning of this article before the transport of the game master cicada to ask you two questions, why you left the game player game? Why game users feel dull and boring? Game applications from a business perspective, really make money. But if developers can’t keep users, let alone earn money. Are you sure you can survive in a competitive environment? How to retain users?.


How does

improve the player’s retention in the game?

one, unqualified game introduction

from the app store, please try to retain users, users find your application, look at screenshots, see preview video, read reviews, will also see your game presentation. Please pay attention to optimizing the game introduction and try to keep it short. Because the user’s time is very valuable, it is better to explain the game type to the user in the first sentence.

excellent case:


the two games, one is a shooting Game App Store editor’s NetEase, another is the refreshing of the king of glory. The same thing about them is that the introduction of the game is only 200 words. Before they are formally introduced, the game type is explained to the user with a brief copy.

1, all the way to shoot, hit in the end (shooting game)

2, nowhere, two hundred million friends gather fun (team vs game),

formal game introduction, respectively, introduced the game name, company and brief game core introduction, and the total word count within 250 words.

: the benefits of doing so is to save the user’s time, avoids the long game and lose patience. In addition, we need to pay attention to the introduction of the game before that copy is very important.

two, is the game too long?

if your game type is adult, then you can’t expect users to play games for hours. Because most of the time of work and family will be spending an adult users. As for hand travel, you shouldn’t even let users spend 1 hours to finish a game.

related cases:


The time for the

King glory is about 20 minutes. And the game above is also an apple recommendation game, and its developers are obviously thinking about how to allow users to spend time in various pieces of the game. Developers classify game types into three broad categories, each with a different length of time, the longest 25 minutes, and the shortest type of 8 to 10 minutes. When users go to the toilet, they can play a game when they are on the bus

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