A rookie webmaster site experience

I’ve got some small pages since 2001, when I was playing on NetEase’s free personal home page. A self-service platform Shengbo will apply for a university found that in 2002. But he made some funny little video play. Mix 1-2000IP every day. Once a month, I occasionally click on the ads above SOHU. At that time, there is no SOGOU, get 4-500 subsidies under the living expenses. I knew then that the Internet could make money. You’ll have to do it later, and get a Baidu and Sohu out.

began doing ancient programs for movie stations in 2004. Because there was no buffer in ancient times, there were fewer movie stations at that time. Soon there was a large crowd of loyal spectators. But because of ancient too much bandwidth, and later changed many servers, metaphor Bobo, KANKAN, and now QVOD. Until last year, my station has been operating well. But that is the way I feel I seem to have nothing to do, can only rely on the website to survive, this situation leads to a boring life, without too much communication, no sense of achievement, suddenly feel void, although can get some living expenses from the website every month, but the overall feeling is not long-term, coupled with the recent national and renovation of the site more like the movie station can’t do this anymore.

in order to solve the trouble, I decided to do the porcelain industry, with the original on the site to earn a few money, rented a shops, from the operation of household ceramics business, high-grade bone china tableware special experience. As this is a new industry, and a lot of people need it, my business will be better soon. Because it’s basically not done right now. So why don’t you make a brand of your own recently?. Went to register a "one product porcelain" trademark, want to rely on their own years of online construction experience. Recruit some agents online. Make a nationally known brand of connections.

said, do it, just after the new year on the registration of http://s.yipinci.com, this domain name and my trademark is well matched. After more than 2 months of publicity and optimization. In the Baidu search, "home porcelain" and "a product plus porcelain" have already achieved the first place. Every day friends from all over the country call to ask about joining. I’m really happy to say that, and my efforts are not in vain. Efforts have finally paid off, and the combination of network and entity, let us also create their own brands. Recently embarked on a business to join the page. As a result of their own art is not good, done and changed, changed, and feel no creativity, has not been put up, and hope that after such a good job, there will be more franchisees to join us, to share our success and joy. Also hope that you can webmaster in the network to dry out a business of their own.

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